Skymall Drama.

I’m starting to think that the titles to my post are not entirely conducive to pulling in relevant traffic. I really need to stay on-topic. Meh.

Does anybody else say “meh?” I remember the very day I adopted it into my vocabulary. It was eighth grade. We were rehearsing the eighth-grade play. It was a Cinderella adaptation, and I was the Fairy Godmother. Or maybe it was the Wizard of Oz and I was Glinda. Either way, there was a poofy dress and some flouncing around involved. (You know how eighth-grade girls love to flounce.)

Yup. Looks about right.

Then the cutest sk8r rebel boy in the entire class – you know, the type who sagged the khakis just enough to earn a stern look from the Dress Code Officer, but never bent the rules enough for a demerit – poked his head in to rehearsal and said “Meh.” And my best friend Haley and I lost it all over the MPR room stage. Good memories.

As usual, I’ve gone off-topic. Today’s post is all about my obsession with airline reading material (I promise this is going somewhere).

I feel I’ve perfected a few airline experiences. With family and friends in Kansas, Laynas in Florida, weddings in Cali and us in the Northeast, I have to fly. A lot. (Incidentally, I wrote a post on travel food for Steve’s Original. Check it out here.)

So here’s how it usually shakes out. Once I’ve white-knuckled the arm, elbow or kneecap of the corpulent individual next to me during takeoff (because – let’s face it – my only seat-mates these days are excessively portly and, since they aren’t physically able to allow me my arm-rest, I reserve the right to freak out in their personal space) I usually calm down. My husband’s a pilot, for cripe’s sake. Surely my fear is idiotic. (It is idiotic. And don’t call me Shirley.)

You’ll find me on an airplane, post-meltdown, doing one of three things:

Trying to act smart by reading my weathered copy of Good Calories, Bad Calories (which is careworn, by the way, because I’ve dragged it with me everywhere, nearly always to NOT end up reading it). I invariably fall asleep immediately.


Ditching the GCBC ruse entirely and just falling asleep.


Reading SkyMall. Fly time is Magazine time, and there’s no better mag than SkyMall.

SkyMall sits just slightly below Wikipedia as “the best thing ever.” Where else can you find a toenail clipper/shoehorn combo, doggie beds that double as rainwater collectors, and underwear that charges your iPhone? SkyMall is magical. If the children from The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe had stepped through said Wardrobe into SkyMall instead of Narnia, I bet we could still convince little kids to read a book once in awhile.

I believe, however, that there is now something in existence that could surpass SkyMall in content and in Awesome. Finally, there’s a magazine for us Paleo/Primal/Real Food Lovers to take with us as we fly the friendly skies. Introducing….Paleo Magazine! Yes, friends – I have officially broken up with SkyMall. He caused a little drama – even asked for an airsick bag – but in the end, he knew it was best. Paleo Magazine, I have high hopes for you. You may just save the print medium altogether.

So if you’re too cheap to buy in-flight WiFi, you can still get your Cave Girl fix from 10,000 feet…yup, I have beaten down the Door of Opportunity and weaseled my way into contributor status in this brand new pub – the first issue drops May 2011! I’m writing about my second passion – crap-free body care. So if you have recommendations or home-made self-care goodies you’d like me to explore, leave me a comment and I’ll check them out. There’s a whole world of alternative body care techniques out there, and I want to try yours. My first article will give an overview of much of what I discuss here, but in future issues I’ll be exploring more specific regimens, items, and even supplementary nutrition for skincare. It’s going to be awesome!

Subscribe to Paleo Mag here!


11 Comments to “Skymall Drama.”

  1. “Trying to act smart by reading my weathered copy of Good Calories, Bad Calories (which is careworn, by the way, because I’ve dragged it with me everywhere, nearly always to NOT end up reading it). I invariably fall asleep immediately.”

    It makes a very good beach pillow/protector-of-hair-from sand too. Hey, they should sell it in the skymall!

  2. You want crap-free recommendations for body care, so here’s mine. I love using oilive oil as an all-over body moisturizer, even on my face. Not just any olive oil, but good-quality oil; lately I’ve been buying it from Chaffin Family Orchards (available through US Wellness Meats). The reason I started using it was it seemed that whenever I read about a person who lived to a really old age, one of the things they attributed to their longevity was rubbing olive oil on their skin. That’s good enough reason for me.

    • I’ve realized that as well – That the people with beautiful skin & hair into old age always seem to use oil. Argan oil is one I may try one day too, and I love coconut oil as well. I will head over to USWM now to check out Chaffin Family Orchards. Awesome, thanks Leanne!

  3. Dag Cave Girl! You lured me into a subscription! I hope you get credit for the kill ;-} I look forward to the new mag – will replace my subscription to Shape.

  4. You got another kill–will subscribe today. You pulled me in with Cave Girl Glinda and flouncing eighth grade girls.

  5. I LOVE SkyMall too. I flew to Hawaii in February and there was NO SkyMall (!!) but Hawaiian’s in-flight magazine is decent. Plus, Hilo Hattie coupons for free stuff – as if all those shell leis aren’t enough! 🙂
    Will subscribe to Paleo magazine fosho.. just need a bit more $$.

  6. I’d love for you to explore organic shampoo options in an article. I can’t seem to find any that clean my hair without having to lather and rinse at least three times (!) Invariably I always run out of shampoo three times more quickly than conditioner.

    I have managed to swap almost all of my body care and make up products to organic and/or mineral but the organic shampoo options just don’t seem to cut it.

    • Will do, Jem! In the meantime, I love what I’ve ordered from the Gluten Free Savonnerie and Neither lather like a conventional shampoo, but after a brief period of adjustment my hair was as soft & shiny as ever. I use those now & then, interspersed with the “no poo” method. I think the key might be NOT ever going back to conventional shampoo after the adjustment period – it whacks out the balance of the scalp!

  7. In addition to homemade baby food (so easy, wish I had known about it with my first…that and cloth diapers), I love to make my own bath salts/scrubs. Favorite easy one is a 2 parts brown sugar 1 part white with good quality evoo. You can use it as a face scrub (but I don’t b/c it seems too rough). It’s great on your feet/body and smells delicious! Simple white sugar is finer and would work better as a face scrub.

  8. Yay Leslie Nielsen references…huzzah!

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