WAP me Pretty.

SUPER IMPORTANT: If you’re not familiar with the principles of Paleo/Primal/Real Food Nutrition, you must understand that they are the foundation of any body care routine. My recommendations are meant to build upon the foundations of healthy eating as defined on my “What is Primal/Paleo?” page. No amount of oil cleansing can fix a nutritional deficiency, and nutritional deficiencies set the stage for acne, skin problems, hormonal imbalances, and – yes – stinky pits and bad hair. The quality and sources of our food – the only fuel we have – determines how well every single bodily process works.



Note: I’m using a fermented Cod Liver Oil/Butter Oil blend from GreenPasture.org (the ONLY Cod Liver Oil I recommend. I can honestly say every other brand is inferior, because every other brand is heat-processed rather than fermented. I’m not responsible for your results using any other brand); Brewer’s Yeast from Lewis Labs; and when I can’t find Picklelicious Kraut, I use Bubbie’s.

**Warning: Do NOT read this post with 3D glasses on. You don’t want the goblin in the photos below to jump out at you.**

**Double Warning: Be nice to me, or else. I don’t like putting my pictures on the blog (shy Cave Girl)**

My skin cleared up a few years back on a Paleo diet with a little patience and the Oil Cleansing Method. I finally ditched all the dermatological acne medicines I’d been on – there were at least four, including one oral antibiotic I took long-term and another topical antibiotic (sorry, gut flora). There was also a sulfur med, topical benzoyl peroxide, and a cast of others over the last decade. (And yes, I tried Proactiv.) At the time, out of sheer vanity, I held on to my topical retinoid. (Wrinkles? Ew!)

image from AllTheCreatures dot org.

I’ve been basically acne-free for awhile now due to good nutrition and a great cleansing routine. But about 3 months ago a few blemishes started to creep in near my neck. A few weeks later, a few more. And 2 months ago something went completely awry. My jawline acne flared up again, and with a vengeance. The rest of my face remained pristine, but I looked like I was harboring a fleet of angry ticks ready to pop on my jaw. I couldn’t shake it – it wouldn’t go away. Shamefully, I even tried using those antibiotics again. No luck.

So I started researching. I wanted to maintain my “crap-free body care” commitment and keep it natural. I was, as always, led to the wisdom of the Weston A. Price foundation. Strikingly, I saw that many of the meds and products I’d used in my quest for non-grossness – like Sulphur, antibiotics, and vitamin A – were substances naturally present in ancestrally valued, nutrient-dense food! Sauerkraut is full of sulphur and was valued as a complexion beautifier by traditional Irish cultures. Coconut oil is a natural, powerful anti-microbial; as is Vitamin D – adequate serum D is like a natural, internal antibiotic. Fermented Cod Liver Oil is rich in real Vitamin A. Brewer’s Yeast – harvested from sugar beets, not from the beer brewing process – is rich in chromium, B-vitamins, and utilization co-factors, which are also thought to improve the complexion.

I realized it was time to ditch that last synthetic skin potion – the retinoid – for good; to throw away the antibiotics I’d been saving “just in case” – permanently; and to start a targeted skin care routine using only food-based products. I ordered Brewer’s Yeast from Lewis Labs and drank 1 Tbs with water in the morning. In addition to my Oil Cleansing Method, I began massaging coconut oil into my skin whenever I could – in the shower, pre-makeup, and after cleansing. I began eating sauerkraut every day.

These three are serious.

Most importantly, I decided to trust the WAP recommendation for a serving of high-quality Cod Liver Oil/Butter Oil every day. This supplies fat-soluble vitamins A, D, and K2, and is purported to have wound-healing properties. Unlike fish oil, CLO is less supplement and more traditional food – one that fell out of favor due to fear of organ meats (liver = Vitamin A) and bad science. (Any worry about Vitamin A and pregnancy are effectively cleared up in this article. Not that this concern applies to me. No Cave Babies on the horizon..But you might want to look at CLO for your CBs.)

From my research, I believe you absolutely cannot skimp on your CLO brand. You need the fermented kind (most CLOs are heat-processed). Fermentation maintains the Vitamin D/Vitamin A proportion natural to CLO, while heat processing destroys it. (More on that at Steve’s Original.) At one time I heard a member of the “Paleo” camp comment that the Vitamin D in CLO competitively inhibits the uptake of the Vitamin A. Not true – actually, the vitamin D content raises the toxicity ceiling on Vitamin A. Vitamins A and D are beautifully synergistic. (Never mock synergy.)

So here are the results…BOOM (be nice). Can YOU tell which is before and which is after? (I hate these sad-skin-face mug shots.)

I had everything from large lesions (yes, I picked) to small, hard bumps and the Queen Mother of zits – underground mines. Three weeks later, nothing but a few pink remnants from healed blemishes. Astonishingly, during this time I seemed to overcome the pitfalls of being “loose Paleo” due to weddings and family gatherings, as well as the stress of lots of air travel, all of which hold the promise of a few new blemishes.

Usually I can’t tell a difference when I take “food extras.” Green drinks never did the trick, and I’ve never taken to swigs of olive oil or shots of apple cider vinegar. But this has been a transformative experience. I will forever sing the praises of the fermented Cod Liver Oil/Butter Oil Blend from the top of my giant pile of money and rainbows (because that’s where I live). You can believe I’ll keep kraut in the rotation – because it’s delicious AND pro-biotic. My skin is soft and glowy from the coconut oil, so that’s a definite keeper. I’ll stick with the Brewer’s Yeast because I kinda like it. And all this after just three weeks. Cross my heart.


61 Responses to “WAP me Pretty.”

  1. Great stuff, Liz! What brand of CLO are you using?

  2. I’ll comment here vs FB so as not to embarrass a certain 16, almost 17 year old. I WISH I could get her to at least stick w/Paleo, primal, whatever, with some consistency.
    She is very fair skinned (as in, almost transparent!) and has pretty bad acne, as well as female issues. I am pretty certain the majority of her body’s confusions would right themselves without pharmaceutical intervention – bc pills, the plethora of acne treatments – if only she’d get right with her diet.
    Ah well, I can only keep trying!

  3. Those results are amazing! How much CLO do you take a day? And, is it gross? Also, are you eating coconut oil by the spoonful or just applying it topically? If you’re eating it, how much per day and do you melt it first?

    Thanks for all the information – I’m going to be checking out CLO for my CBs!

    • I use coconut oil lots to cook with or dab on sweet potato, but other than that, I just use it topically! Usually don’t take it supplementally. I take 1/2 tsp. of a Cod Liver Oil/Butter Oil blend in the mornings, and it’s not pleasant, but it’s not too bad! If you store it in the fridge it gels and you can get a pretty solid hunk of it, put it on your tongue, and swallow it down with a swig of water or broth. I highly, highly recommend Green Pasture…www.greenpasture.org!

  4. As usual, you’ve convinced me to do yet another weird ass thing I never thought I’d do. After 3-4 months of OCM, I am having a bit of an issue, likely due to going off birth control. (No babies for me either,my husband is fixed and finally got the “no swimmers” phonecall). I realize it will take a few months for my body to reclaim it’s own hormone levels after over 15 years on bc, but in the meantime, anything I can do to help is a good thing.

    I’ve been toying with the idea of the cod liver oil for a while – is it awfull? How much does the bottle you buy last? As for the sauerkraut (which I do love), how much per day do you eat? Have you tried making your own?

    Your skin looks amazing and I love your consistent battle to heal with food, from the inside out.

    • It’s not too bad! (see response above.) I would really only recommend Green Pasture…The CLO/Butter oil blend is the way to go. Apparently the two together is like magic. It’s pricey but well worth it. I’m still on the first bottle, and hubs and I are both using it. It’s been at least a month now (those photos were slightly old). For the Kraut I’ve been doing 1/2 to 1 cup a day, usually as a snack or with snaussage. I am getting ready to make some next week! Any tips? With how much I eat there’s no way I’m going to pay $4 per jar for Bubbies!

      You rock. The fact that you even come over to my little blerg to give me affirmations pretty much makes my world complete!

  5. I have just been struggling with how to stop my oral antibiotic without looking like the Great Beast of the Mid-Atlantic. I tried about 4 days without it, and the spots have hit my face immediately. SO, I am going to give your tricks a try. CLO, sauerkraut, Brewer’s Yeast – check. (well, after this weekend when I have some time to get them, check.) I’ve been pretty loose with my diet lately and have just tightened it back up, so that should help as well. Do you find any food cause you to flare?

    • Definitely use my sources! Lewis labs for Brewer’s Yeast and Green Pasture for a CLO/Butter oil blend. I did lots of research and those are 100% the way to go! I totally understand about feeling beastly. Trust me. Bubbie’s sauerkraut from Whole Foods – no citric acid, no additives, not even any salt. It’s the closest to unpasteurized kraut you can buy commercially (unless you have your own source – in which case, send me some!) If you start using coconut oil topically, expect about a week of little flare-ups before things get better. Apparently the “detox” effect is real!

      Caffeine causes my skin to get very red, and before I started with this regimen ANY deviation – sugar, rice, heavy creamer – would cause problems. Over the last few weeks I’ve enjoyed sushi once, heavy cream in my eggs, and Primal Palate’s grain-free coconut flour carrot cake and no flare-ups.

  6. Must be something in the air! I just posted about Paleo for acne yesterday in response to an asinine article on Slate.com: http://paleoperiodical.com/2011/04/26/the-trouble-with-acne/

    You’re so brave to post pics! There’s no way I could even consider it. Ugh, it’s so nasty what acne does to the psyche. Way to go clearing it up!

  7. Looks awesome! I wish I had your profile in pictures – my face is one big ol’ moon pie. 😛
    It’s pretty cool how much seems to be taken care of with diet (and exercise)… of course if doctors just prescribed that the drug companies would revolt. (And I’d probably be out of a job)

  8. This is awesome and could not have come at a better time. I’m also curious to know what brand of CLO you’re using…I’ve been meaning to start using it for a while now, but I’m glad I haven’t yet since you’re advocating fermented over heat-processed…I would have never known a difference!

    By the way, “I will sing the praises of fermented Cod Liver Oil from the top of my giant pile of money and rainbows (because that’s where I live)”…I laughed out loud! That’s what I think about Paleo in general, really. But I love your humor!

    • See above, Melissa! Fermented is DEFINITELY the way to go. Do a butter oil/cod liver blend. According to Weston A. Price, the combo is “magic.”

      Thanks for the complement, and for reading! I love my money/rainbow pile 🙂

  9. I get breakouts exactly like that in that exact same place! If my diet falls off even a little it goes crazy! I am SO giving this a shot. I LOVE kraut and have used coconut oil before on my skin, but I think I’ll go back to it. Not sure why I stopped….Thanks for sharing this 🙂

  10. I’ve had such an amazing transformation in my skin since going primal/paleo. I had mild jawline acne, and it is now totally gone 🙂

    thanks for the tips about CLO – very helpful!

  11. What an amazing difference, you look beautiful 🙂

    This post resonates so deep with me as I have also always dealt with the acne thing and have the benzoyl peroxide stained pillowcases and towels to prove it. Yes, I was also sucked in my Ms. Simpsons exclamations about Proactiv. I thought it was a teen-thing that would clear up as I got older but now that I’m closer to 30 than 20…I began to lose hope it was my hormones adjusting.

    Like you, I struggled with the hairline and jawline especially. Then, BOOM! I stopped eating grains/sugar (basically unintentional paleo?) and stopped getting acne. Like overnight. Now I am whole heartedly all about the paleo/nourshing traditions eating style. Sounds a bit weird but it’s so good to be able to touch my face again!

    Some nasty red buggers try to creep back but, like you, I have found Fermented Cod Liver Oil/Butter Oil, fermented foods (kefir, kvass, kimchi, kombucha, sauerkraut, etc) and Coconut oil to be the magic cure. Ii do the oil cleansing thing as well but now I forgo the Castor/Olive oIls in favor of coconut. I have been making and eating copious amounts of sauerkraut and never connected it to my acne staying clear but I guess that’s helping too!

    Before I added the Feremented CLO and sauerkraut I did notice that if I ate what I call “non-food foods” (refined sugar, ice cream, white flours, etc) I would be blessed with at least one zit within 24 hours. Now, as long as I slather on the coconut oil, eat plenty of fermented foods and take a probiotic this doesn’t happen (as I happily found out this past weekend while traveling and eating a few foods that would normally ALWAYS cause acne flare-ups).

    Thanks for writing on this topic and being brave enough to post pictures!

    • I love your comment. I believe the addition of CLO, fermented foods, etc. create deep reserves that our body can call on, more so than the Paleo foods alone (I definitely run efficiently on them, but have found much less “wiggle room!”) I was just floored when I realized how many of my medications were actually food elements in disguise. Now, a pea-sized serving of Kraut probably wouldn’t work, but I’m willing to adjust the “dosage” for something so yummy!

      I love that I’m not alone in this experience. You’ve verified my personal observations. Thank you!

      • I love the idea of the ‘deep reserves’ and that paleo foods make the body run efficiently. I feel a metaphor forming…perhaps a simile…

        It’s like a car who’s engine is all gunked up. The paleo foods (grass fed animal bits, clean fats, vegetables) are the cleanest fuel possible you can use. They don’t ADD any gunk to the body but they aren’t designed to go to town cleaning up all the gunk leftover from dirty fuels we used in the past (aka junk foods, vegetable oils, sugar, etc). That’s where the mega stars (CLO, probiotics, bone broth and fermented foods) step in and mop up all that old crud. Once the old gunk is removed, the reserved are there just in case you get suck in the middle of the NJ Turnpike on E and your only option is the questionable Sunco with the hot dog/sunglasses stand out front…and you really have to pee…ok, I think I’m losing focus…

        I noticed in another comment you mentioned you have added bone broth as well which is something, along with organ meats, that’s been a HUGE part of my diet lately. What you describe you’ve been eating sounds just like the GAPS (Gut and Psychology Syndrome) diet protocol (www.gapsdiet.com). You’re experiences here and what you write about on your blog have strengthened my resolve to stick with this very unconventional program so that I can continue to heal. Thanks!

      • I love everything you just said! I couldn’t have said it better. I’m toying around with going GAPS just for the experience because I know it’s helped so many. I’m planning on attending GAPS practitioner training in October!

  12. Wow, your skin is beatiful. A stupid question, maybe: doesn’t the coconut oil make the skin greasy? I have greasy skin, and it seems oil should be the last thing to add. Can you link to instructions, please?

  13. Oh, ‘greasy’ should be ‘oily’. English is my second language.

    • Not stupid! I wish I had a second language 🙂 And both “greasy” and “oily” work. Check out my link here:


      I talk about cleansing with oil, and link to a page that explains the history and purpose of oil cleansing. Long story short, no – it doesn’t make your skin greasy! If it’s greasy after moisturizing with oil, just dab it off with a cool, damp washcloth. Oil is what your skin recognizes! Sometimes I do put on a huge glob, allow it to sit and absorb, then wipe off.

      I think I will do another post explaining all these things more fully. Soon!

  14. Wow, what a transformation! That CLO is a bit pricey for our budget, though! I may have to find a way to squeeze it in…are you using one of the flavored blends? I wonder what’s in that “flavor” they list in the ingredients?

  15. Can you cook with the brewer’s yeast, or will that ruin the nutritional value (or is this a completely different kind of brewer’s yeast?)? I had some delicious kale chips the other day made w/ EVOO, S&P, and brewer’s yeast, but I’ve never made anything myself so maybe this is a completely different product…?

  16. Does the coconut oil make you greasy at all?? I do have VERY oily skin so I have to be careful.

  17. I’ve been a long time stalker of yours and just wanted to say THANK YOU for this post! I’ve struggled with acne for over 12 years now. While switching to a strict Paleo diet a year ago did help, nothing I’ve tried has been able to clear up everything (topical perscriptions, oral antibiotics, every over the counter product imaginable, OCM, homemade masks and scrubs…the list goes on and on and on). All I want is to have a pretty face and I’m willing to try anything, but I also want to be nice to my body in the process. Thank you again!!! I’ve submitted my orders for the Brewers yeast and CLO this morning, giving your site as a reference of course 🙂 Maybe they’ll give you a kickback or something for all the traffic you’ve no doubt generated.

    • Yay, I have a stalker! I love it! Thanks for commenting, and I totally understand what you’ve gone through. I will point out that I DO still get blemishes from time to time (I have had a few on my forehead since I went off all meds, and one of the things those meds did for me was to make my forehead unequivocally PERFECT. So that’s a bit depressing). I also struggle with some redness in the T-Zone. So this is certainly a process. But I was astonished at how swiftly and beautifully my skin changed when I started this! I am going to make a little “update” post, but I will tell you that one thing I didn’t mention was that I’ve been drinking a cup of homemade bone broth every day as well. It’s VERY possible that helps too. Thanks for giving me as a reference! That’s so cool. And I’m 100% positive that you DO have a pretty face. 🙂

      • Today is official day 1 of my new CaveGirlEats inspired routine! This morning I gagged down a spoonful of jelly-like CLO from Green Pasture (that stuff is FOUL!), followed by a mugful of homemade beef bone broth with a tablespoon of Lewis Lab’s Brewer’s Yeast (this stuff is not foul, however – I actually kind of enjoyed my cup of “meat tea” as I like to call it). Any tips to get the yeast to mix in all nicely instead of globbing up at the bottom? And after lunch or dinner I’ll have a serving of either sauerkraut or kim chee. Given that I pay $14/bottle for the good stuff, I’ve ordered my own sauerkraut crock.
        Thanks for the ideas! I’m really hoping that this will be the magical combo that finally does the trick 🙂

      • Sauerkraut crock? That’s awesome! I want one! Where did you get yours?

        Unfortunately with the yeast it’s darn near impossible to get it to blend. I just swirl & swig.

        Okay, with the FCLO…I probably needed to be more clear…I was using the FCLO/Butter Oil blend! I’ve heard that the butter oil is the “magic activator” for the Fermented Cod Liver Oil…which did you get? If you got the regular CLO just be sure to get a little K2 in there with your grass-fed butter or ghee, and let me know how it goes!

  18. Thanks for sharing. I wouldn’t be brave enough to share my acne pics on the web! I’ve been working on a Paleo Diet/acne post. I will definitely reference this one.

  19. I couldn’t comment to your last one – so I’m now starting a new thread.

    I ordered the Harsch Fermenting Crock (the super duper Mercedes Benz of sauerkraut corcks) through Amazon (best price on the crock + free shipping!). It’s expensive, but accoridng to all the heavy-duty fermenters out there, it’s the best. I’ve been researching doing some fermenting of my own for a while and just needed a little nudge to get me going. Food & Wine magazine a few issues back had 3 different recipies for sauerkraut I’ve been dying to try.

    Swirl and swig….I’ll give that a shot tomorrow! I also ordered the flakes and when I finally perfect my coconut milk yogurt, I can add those as a textural sprinkle. The probiotics in the yogurt should have some good effects too, right?

    I did get the blend! I ordered the “chocolate” before I saw that you sucked it up and went for the unflavored, but it really doesn’t make a bit of difference. I keep telling myself it’s for my skin 🙂

  20. Do you know if the brewer’s yeast is GAPS “safe”?

    Thanks, great website 🙂

    • I’m actually under the impression that high-quality brewer’s yeast from non-gmo sugar beets (like that sold by Lewis Labs) is OK for GAPS, but that’s just what I’ve heard through the grapevine…I honestly can’t remember a definitive answer from Dr. McBride…

      BY is inactive…as in, dead. Which is apparently a good thing 🙂

  21. I’ve been suffering with Acne lately because I decided to stop taking my BC. One of the things that I have found really helpful is applying apple cider vinegar to the infected area. The recipe is 1 part vinegar to 10 parts water. I got the idea from http://www.livestrong.com/article/75879-vinegar-acne/.

  22. Hey Cavegirl –

    Your photos are AWESOME!!! I have the same problem but just on my chin. It drives me seriously crazy. I was wondering what is the difference between brewer’s yeast (the one you used) and say Bragg’s Nutritional Yeast?

    Thank you for your fantastic website. Very informative.

    • Brewer’s yeast is rich in chromium, and nutritional yeast is not! Chromium is the “glucose tolerance factor” and what is rumored to be helpful in skin health! Lewis Labs carries the best possible product, in my opinion…it’s grown on beets and not extracted as a by-product of the beer brewing process (therefore, not created alongside wheat!)

  23. Thanks for the info. Do you recommend any of the offered flavors that they have in the CLO/Butter oil blend? I see they have chocolate, cinnamon, natural, and then the capsules. Any preference?

    • I currently have both the blend AND separate bottles of liquid FCLO and BO in rotation. I do NOT recommend the FCLO alone unless you’re VERY brave and quite accurate with the dropper! I’ve tried the chocolate blend thanks to my very generous friend Liz of CrossFit ACT. I think it’s decent, although she wasn’t a fan! Truly, the taste and smell of Fermented CLO is quite disgusting, but if you buy the blend – whether flavored or not – and remember to refrigerate it between servings, it gels quite nicely so that you can take a fairly solid serving, place it farther into your mouth, and swallow it just like a pill with a swig of lemon water. Am I grossing you out? 😉

      I work with a few folks, consulting on fertility and doing some lifestyle triage, and I have no qualms recommending the capsules to them. A little casing won’t hurt ya!

  24. Hi Liz! I’ve got another random, months-late question for you…It seems you take your FCLO/BO blend in the morning, but dinner is usually the only meal I eat at home right now (trying intermittent fasting with a 1 p.m.-9 p.m. eating window). Since the idea of taking the blend w/o food sounds pretty tough, the last two days I’ve been taking it around 8 p.m. with dinner. It may be just a coincidence, but I’ve had a really hard time falling asleep both nights, and have woken up a few times during the night (a problem I usually don’t have).

    It got me wondering whether you shouldn’t take the FCLO/BO blend in the evenings–any reason you know of why I shouldn’t? Is there a big energy boost associated with it or anything along those lines?

    Also, is taking the blend along with any other supplements (Vitamin D, fish oil, etc.) a problem? Thank you!!

    • Hmm, not sure about this question! I would imagine it shouldn’t be a problem, but if your body is telling you something, maybe it’s worth stopping for a few days and seeing if the symptom subsides? I know the woman from Cheeseslave will just take an extra big dose 1x/week, so you could think about that as well if you don’t want to mess with your daily routine. I don’t supplement with Vitamin D at all right now (since the spring) and I wonder if the natural D in the CLO may have any kind of battle with the D supplement? That’s a complete shot in the dark; but my instinct for myself was to abandon the extra D supplement, go with the CLO/BO blend, and get some good sun this summer. The only other caution about CLO I’ve heard – and this is just one little unattributed tidbit repeated over & over on the internet – is not to take it if you’re using any synthetic Vitamin A, like Tretinoin or Retin-A. No clue as to the truth behind this, but it sounds logical! I also don’t take fish oil often, but I have taken a few capsules with the CLO now and then. Didn’t seem to be a problem.

      I’ve taken my blend without food and it’s not tasty, but it doesn’t bother my tummy at all. I hope this helps!

  25. any specifics on type of coconut oil? cold pressed or expeller pressed? also, what are your thoughts on dr. bronners?

    • An interesting fact: All cold-pressed oils are expeller pressed. I think the biggest difference in so-called cold-extracting methods are expeller vs. centrifuge (like the oil sold at Wilderness Family Naturals). HOWEVER, all expeller pressed oils are not necessarily cold-pressed, from my understanding. It’s very murky territory, from what I can tell. You can read this page and see what you think:


      Also, this page discusses “Copra” which I think would probably be what people would want to avoid (not that that’s easy)

      So after doing a bit more research, I’m going to say…maybe don’t fret about what kind you’re putting on your face, so much as what kind you’re consuming regularly. From what I read, the lauric acid remains intact regardless of processing; but one might want to be a little more judgmental when it comes to what you’re actually swallowing (copra vs. fresh coconut).

      I like Dr. Bronners! I like his regular liquid soap plus apple cider vinegar rinse for a good shampoo/conditioning regimen (besides my Baking Soda/ACV, of course). Dr. Bronners is good to go.

  26. Do you use refined or unrefined on your face? I currently have some unrefined and for cooking it is a little more coconut than I would prefer. It is fine on sweet potatoes or squash but on eggs it is odd. Also what is your ratios for OCM? I have SUPER oily skin so I wasn’t sure what the proper ratio was. THANKS!!

    • I use unrefined! Though I can’t back it up, I always assume that the less processed/refined, the better. I’d err on that side, even here, since it’s the fatty (lauric) acids in coconut oil that have an affinity for the skin and hair…I wouldn’t want to risk it. The smell isn’t always my favorite…I do get a little sick of it 🙂 oh, well.

      For OCM – when using a castor oil + other oil blend, I’ve done as much as 50/50; but usually stick around 30 Castor/70 other. You may even try doing the OCM exclusively with coconut oil. I’ve done that and now alternate the two regimens. Of course, I get the makeup all off first, sometimes by rubbing in coconut oil and wiping; sometimes by using a Norwex cloth (I’l cover that eventually) then commence the OCM for real.

  27. So about the Brewers Yeast, my parents raised me on that stuff, I love it. We always ate it on popcorn, and recently I mix it with hummus and the flavor is awesomeness by the mouthful! I didn’t know that it was good for you, so thanks for all your articles. I do have one question though, I’m on many meds that’s i truly do need, other wise I couldn’t get out of bed. Will this have a negative effect on the whole detox idea?

    • Heather, I wish I could answer that question for you! Unfortunately that’s between you and your doc or pharmacist…Although I can’t imagine it would be a problem to add these foods to your routine. They’re just traditional foods, after all 🙂 A Paleo/Primal/Real Foods Diet can only improve your overall health! Also, WAP stands for Weston A. Price!

  28. Ok I might be a little slow but what does WAP stand for?

  29. Hi there, loving your blog!

    One quick question: is the CLO brand you were talking about the Green Pastures Blue Ice Royal Gel (blend of 2/3 Blue Ice fermented cod liver oil and 1/3 High vitamin butter oil.)?

    Thank you!

  30. Just wanted to vouch for the Cinnamon Tingle FCLO/Butter Blend from Green Pastures…. haven’t been taking it long enough for the effects to kick in but I can vouch for the taste… YUM-O! The only iffy thing is that it has stevia (the flavorless one does not) – but its like a gel-like candy if you stick it in the fridge – and the cinnamon is strong. Tastes great. Can’t wait for it to start working 🙂

  31. hi again – do you think it’s cool to mix my yeast into cuppa broth in the morning? also, i’ve read some things about taking a few Tbs of ACV to help with acne (among other things) – does sauerkraut take care of that? and I’ve seen some peeps using ACV as a toner. is that something you’ve tried?

    • Definitely. I’ve done that many times. I think the ACV idea is that it supplements/stimulates the digestive process, but I’m unsure. I tried to do this, but it just didn’t stick! I’ll do an ACV toner now and again, especially if I use baking soda to exfoliate. It balances the pH!


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