There are so many things happening today, most of which are being funneled to me through various news outlets. Osama bin Laden is reported to have been killed.

Wade through the ever-present propaganda (and even on a day like today, the same old propaganda persists) and I come to this conclusion: This day, like every other day, is a day for profound gratitude.

I am so grateful that a symbol of global terror and anger is now a symbol of perseverance and triumph over violence and insidious hatred.

I am so grateful that the uncertainty that crept in when I kissed my husband goodbye as he left on yet another deployment has relaxed, at least for a moment. Something happened that needed to happen. I’m grateful that the men and women who strive to represent their highest sense of Right can take a moment to feel a sense of confirmed purpose. I love the people of the military.

I don’t hate Bin laden. I refuse to hate him because I hold the same opinion as I held as a high school senior when planes destroyed the Two Towers during my second period Radio & TV Production class. (Yeah, I took that class.) I remember hoping that none of us would be poisoned by thoughts of revenge motivated by hate.

I will never, ever hate. I need to be careful not to use that word here, because I know I have. Because hate poisons. It creates emotionally void beings with mangled hearts that are capable of exacting inconceivable violence in the name of Ideology against other beings of the same order.

I’m grateful that I live in a country where I’m allowed to be openly fearful, openly happy, openly celebratory, openly upset, openly disheartened, openly angry. I’m grateful that I can keep this blog and do my part to live – literally – against the grain. Against the comparatively less evil – but evil nonetheless – forces of Profit At All Costs, Information Without Science, Monsanto, and the Standard American Diet. All this, of course, seems pithy on a day like today.

I will never forget the thousands of civilians and troops who died in pursuit of American safety and freedom from fear. I will never stop wishing they did not die. I won’t take so much as a second to hate bin Laden or celebrate his death; rather, I will celebrate the innocent lives that were lost, the brave souls and soldiers who remain with us, and the physical end of a symbol of pain that terrorized us for too long.


7 Comments to “Pause.”

  1. Beautifully said. Further proof of your awesomeness!

  2. Amen. When I first heard, I felt grateful. Then they showed the film of the people in the streets of NYC and DC celebrating OBL’s death. Screaming at the cameras… and I .. well… I felt uncomfortable.. so uncomfortable that I turned off the TV. Don’t get me wrong.. I get it… I do… but it reminded me of the film of some people in the middle east who cheered in exactly the same way after the towers fell….

  3. Thank you. Your words help and heal.

  4. Osama Bin Laden has been reported dead since at least December 2001. I hate that this is my first impression of your blog, which looks otherwise phenomenal, because it is misinformation at it’s finest.

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