I’m so glad you told me.

The latest news:


Now corroborated in Scientific Laboratory Research

Article: “The Effect of Meat Consumption on Body Odor Attractiveness.”

Aahhh, the spam filter. I’m ashamed to admit I get a real kick out of the garbage comments that come my way. Every few weeks I’ll skulk off to the back room like an adolescent who just found a stash of nudey mags and comb through my spam filter for little gems like this. If husband asks me what I’m doing, I say, “writing!” And then he feels bad for disturbing me. And then I feel bad for being a jerk.

As we all know, I’ve been on a pilgrimage to maximize my “Body Odor Attractiveness” for some time now. If only I’d known that my whole problem was my Paleolithic CrossFit Style Red Meat Diet. Okay folks, closin’ up shop. I figured it out.

What I’ve really been working on lately – besides putridity – is a series for Steve’s Original called “Paleo Plus.” Here’s the intro. I kicked off the series with Part 1 of a few posts I’m doing on Dairy (because we can’t address that subject enough) (sarcasm) (just eat the cheese).

If you care to check it out, click: All About Dairy, Part 1.

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6 Comments to “I’m so glad you told me.”

  1. Love the “All About Dairy” link, Liz! Thanks for including the “Ways to get your K2” – very helpful :). So, I’ve been having a lot of grass fed whole milk (from Birchwood Farms). Do you recommend buying the heavy cream instead for my coffee in the morning (I never was a black coffee kind of a girl!) rather than this whole milk for a better source of K2?

    • You know, I like that idea…but I just never buy the cream anymore because I don’t use it fast enough! Unfortunately it ends up being a bit of a drain on my resources. So I’ve continued using either coconut milk or grass-fed PASTEURIZED heavy cream from Whole Foods (not as sources of K2, but in response to the coffee part of the question!) The pasteurized just lasts long enough for us to use it up. Another thing about the raw cream – it’s not homogenized (a good thing) but it’s so thick that it doesn’t dissolve all that well in coffee. Which is a bummer. All that said, if you can put your coffee *next to* some eggs cooked in g-f butter or have raw butter over a sweet potato/veggies and that would be optimal! 🙂

  2. Also – as for the organs meats, I really struggle with this too! I tried to have chicken liver the other night but I didn’t get further than a couple of nibbles 😦

  3. This made me smile, thanks lady!

  4. Nice…so that’s my problem! Love it.

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