This Can’t Be Good.

Edit/Attempt to be productive: You CAN get EMF diffuser thingies. I know little about them, but am actively researching. Let me know if you know of any, and here’s an example.

Kindles, e-readers and iPads have never quite sat right with me. Yes, they’re cool…portable…amazingly convenient. I have dropped my “but you can’t dog-ear the page” argument. But I still haven’t really felt right with the ever-present convenience computer. Why do they make me so uncomfortable?

I saw an ad the other day that flipped the switch. Sudden enlightenment.

So I’m gonna go there. Have a look at the latest advertising tragedy from the world of humans-are-impervious-to-lifestyle-induced-damage:

So I’m just gonna say it. This adorable child is being adorably studious…reading an adorable e-book…with a handy digital reader… perched above his testicles.

Remember, as a kid, when you weren’t allowed to sit directly in front of the TV? How you weren’t allowed to stare into the microwave while your Quaker Oats cooked? It’s because these devices emit electro-magnetic fields. How is a digital reader any different?

I suppose it’s different because we’re arrogant, self-absorbed beings who think that anything we do is normal, natural and has no impact. It’s the same sensibility that allows us to forget about the garbage we generate simply because it’s bagged up and taken out of sight once a week. But there’s a junkyard, and it’s growing. And one day we’ll have to man up if we don’t want to be overrun with filth.

I’m not about to go into all the research about electro-magnetic fields, because I don’t know much. But I know they exist outside the normal bounds of nature, I know what I’ve read on Mercola, I believe that they raise the temperature of the scrotum, (link is to an article, not anatomy) and I also think that there are many companies with great interest in soothing people about their exposure to EMFs and its potential affect on their health. Yeah, I sound like an alarmist. But look around you. Just because you weren’t alive in the “Paleo” era; just because you didn’t witness the salubrious people studied by Weston A. Price; just because our little worlds are filled with sick, fat, unhappy people and children; doesn’t mean that perfectly healthy people didn’t exist.

It certainly doesn’t mean that the ubiquitous environmental insults – from crap food to hormone-mimicking chemicals to un-natural electro-magnetic fields can’t make a difference in your health AND THE HEALTH OF YOUR CHILDREN. Evidence suggests something is going wrong. I don’t need a Medical Journal to tell me that. And our food isn’t the only thing that’s changed over the last few centuries.

I’m not a conspiracy theorist. I’m not even a hippie. I don’t drive around showcasing a “Coexist” bumper sticker or hollering about global warming. But I do believe that our actions as humans – and every progressive deviation from our natural heritage of living in harmony with our environment and our body’s needs – DOES create the possibility of peril.

Maybe we’re not meant to chow down on all those grains. All that fat-free nonsense. Maybe our babies weren’t meant to suck on chemically-produced plastic teething rings. Maybe our kids weren’t meant to spend hours a day sitting underneath EMFs. Maybe all those things are for profit and not health.

Look at diabetes. Cancer. ADD. Depression. Syndrome X. Infertility. Obesity. Did I say INFERTILITY?
These things are rampant. And they didn’t used to be. Why do you think that is? Actions. Consequences.**

And this is the first generation of children who are growing up balancing computers on their testicles.

**not to imply that these “consequences” are the result of deliberate actions by an individual. Just postulating that there’s more at work than mere happenstance/bad luck, and we may suffer as victims of these circumstances. And that pisses me off.


15 Comments to “This Can’t Be Good.”

  1. Wow, I like it when you get saucy! 🙂 I’m not a fan of those gadgets either, but had not even considered the EMFs. One more reason to not like them!

  2. Preach it, sister!

  3. But…but…if I don’t sit in front of my EMF producing machine I can’t read Cavegirl!! Ohhhh…the irony! 🙂

  4. All the more reason my hubby needs to get me the keyboard and mouse for my iPad!! I usually set mine on a pillow or table. I try to keep it off direct contact with my lap as much as possible.

  5. As an ADD “sufferer” I can attest that reading books are a challenge whether they’re on a Kindle/Ipad, etc…or on paper. However, after listening to the audiobook “Delivered from Distraction” (because that’s really the only way I can “read” and retain) it talks about how video games, TV, internet, etc..can promote those ADD tendencies.

    But is the internet going away? Have you ever noticed how people have a hard time looking you in the eye anymore? Are these machines creating an anti-social culture?

    And for the record, I’ve never put my computer on my testes but I have put my testes on a computer.

  6. Just out of curiosity, do you have an alarm clock within arms reach of your bed? Because it’s pumping out EMF into you all night long. That would alarm me way more than occasionally putting an electronic device on my lap.

  7. Amen! Preach it Lady! I thought I was alone in my uneasiness about those things. And I remember the first laptop I had…it cooked your legs, literally burning them, if you held it too long. It was a heavy dinosaur of a thing. But the last notebook and ipad i held also got oddly warm in my lap…and I had to wonder the same things you do about how much damage that must be doing to reproductive organs and not to mention the eyes! I know so many people who can’t function without their computers, phones, or pdas…and it’s really kind of disturbing to me. Then hearing the new advance in the American side of things that the Gov will be sending direct messages to all new devices, without a way to turn them off, ever, makes me shudder. What happens to the world if suddenly something happens and we’re all forced to be Primal/Paleo? How ever will people function when they have to learn to walk again, and how to be social without a computer, and how to read a REAL book, if they read at all? Much less hunting and gathering and basic survival?!?! I know my household will be just fine, from my hubs and I to the cats…but I know all of my neighbors would be lost and would likely starve in their homes when the micro stopped working and the mac n cheese ran out at the store. 😉

    Keep up with the “saucy” posts as someone replied before me! I love it too!

  8. For me any infertility is a BONUS for EMF stuff. (only slightly kidding) 😛

  9. I agree with you to a certain extent. There ARE things we can do to limit the amount of EMF we receive. And modern life is causing the downfall and health of humans, even as we work rapidly to create new drugs to fix the things we are causing in the first place.

    HOWEVER, being married to a literal government geek, believe me when I tell you that there is too much EMF and contaminants from too many places to make much of a difference if you turn your phone off at night.

    It’s just one thing I can’t let myself become an alarmist over because it’s almost completely out of our hands. Unless you move to a remove Artic region.

    • Such a bummer, but so true. I just read that the EMF concentrations around your home could affect its value. Totally out of our control, yet we could take a hit on our home’s value for it…

      My husband is a pilot, so not only is he subject to the insane level of EMF from that; he’s a military pilot, which means all kinds of crazy vaccinations. Don’t even get me started on the anthrax vaccine!

      • Yeah before Mike went overseas, he had 14 injections. FOUR. TEEN. Said he was sick for days and his arms hurt for weeks. How is that normal!?!?

  10. I’m responding way late but I thought that I’d add a little information to the contrary. I’m not arguing against EMF having some effect on your body. I’m simply adding further information for examination.

    We live on a giant magnet. When magnets rotate they make EMF. We call that a motor. A motor and a generator are the same thing.

    AC EMF is generally man-made. DC EMF is all around you all day. The earth and its molten ferrous core spinning at 2000 mph generates quite a bit.

    When judging the danger of a device it might be helpful to make comparisons.
    eReader versus your refrigerator
    computer versus your “motor” car (one big motor / generator)
    your air conditioner versus your headphones
    your megawatt home stereo speakers versus your washing machine
    compare anything to the EMF emitted by the cabling in your walls. Turning off a clock does not turn off the electricity in your walls. If anything is on (your refrigerator, heating) then the entire circuit is charged. Even with everything off there’s some energy distribution.

    Now that you’ve made comparisons you have to consider which are most impacting your health and start there. Moving out of your house would probably contribute the most to your health. Followed next by not living anywhere near power lines.

    Also, EMF is not strictly additive. You can’t just add up all the EMF emitted by each individual device around and figure out how much you are exposed to.

    Last note, the danger from cell phones is not strictly due to EMF. It’s due to RF.

    Again, my argument is not that it isn’t dangerous but that the concern should be ranked by criticality.

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