Workshops and a Request.

I got so ridiculously much (yes, that’s a Lit-major-approved phrase. “Ridiculously much.”) awesome feedback on my Oysters/Oy Vey post that I’m tempted to leave it up as my latest post forever. I love every single suggestion! Also was glad to find out that mermaids wear scallop shells. This just opened up the entire Little Mermaid series for me. Anyhow – thanks, everybody!

I would appreciate it if everyone put some good thoughts into the atmosphere for the folks and friends in Joplin, MO. The city (close to my hometown) got hit with a devastating tornado on Sunday and needs as much support as possible. Thanks in advance.

This weekend was pretty durn busy. I took my show on the road and got to chat with some really awesome people at CrossFit Lancaster about food, Paleo/Weston A. Price, and some Nutritional Therapy points.

I even got confused with Sir Robb Wolf’s spouse, which led to my new brainchild, a workshop called “Paleo & Polygamy” that will tour starting after the second Rapture but before the Mayan End of Days.

(For the record, Robb Wolf is married to Nicki Violetti. I am married to Cave Husband. When we married, I gave CH a “hippie choose-one:” I’ll either keep my Birkenstocks that I’ve had since college, or I’ll throw them out and keep my last name.)

I got to keep the last name. Everybody wins! (Yes, the Birks were THAT disgusting.) Add hash tags: #modernfeminism #awesomehusband #whydontmorepeopledothis #forgivemyfootwear.

I know I’ve been asking for your feedback a lot lately, but I learned an extraordinary amount from everyone this weekend, and I’m becoming more clued-in about what people want to address and explore. (It basically coincides with the many things Iย wantย to address and explore!) I’ve been promising a publicly-available (read: FREE) packet since my CrossFit Tribe workshop, combining the Paleo, Weston A. Price, Innate Intelligence, Body Care, and Nutritional Therapy points that have enriched my life so profoundly. I fully intend to release said packet – I just want it to be perfect. I don’t want to make a “this is how to diet” packet. And that’s not easy. Because the typical packet – the typical “Comprehensive PDF Download!” leans far closer to a one-size-fits-all approach.

So can you help? What were the foundations you needed as a Paleo/Primal Newbie? What do you wish someone had told you? How would you summarize your philosophy now?

If you’re game, I’d love to hear – and possibly add your wisdom to this packet. Let me know any thoughts you’ve got. Where do you differ from by-the-books Paleo, Primal, or Price? How do you handle the emotional aspects of changing your nutritional paradigm? What do you hope to see as this movement progresses?


20 Comments to “Workshops and a Request.”

  1. Great post Liz! I will work on trying to figure out my answers to the questions you pose and get them to you.

  2. For me, I really DID need to learn the science behind it. I needed to read articles and books (Sisson, Wolf. Taubes, Eades) because I needed to understand WHY the past 30 years of my dietary life was wrong.

    Unlearning is a lot harder than learning. Especially when you are about to make a change that’s so radical, many of your peers and family members will question it. *I* needed the sciene to back it up and support me. So when someone would tell me saturated fat or cholesterol was bad for me, I could spew off details and tests and studies proving no link between dietary cholesterol and blood cholesterol. Then, I went steps further and read Nourishing Traditions and learned WHY cholesterol is GOOD for us – it fights free-radicals, thereby fights cancer.

    I watched some videos and took a few online Real Food Courses.

    So, for me it was about science and knowledge and getting in as condensed, clear-cut ways as possible: the timeline of fat, for example. Or the WAP findings of different cultures, etc.

    Some people may not be as scientifically oriented as I am and need that proof, but I did. Not only to understand but to arm myself against the people who would doubt me.

    I don’t believe in the paleo/primal/WAP/SCD/GAPS dogma. What I eat is not my religion and has no deity or commandments. I take the best of my knowledge from all sources, learn and know my body (I can handle dairy and eat some legumes while others can’t or choose not to), and focus on what makes ME the healthiest ME. Following one person’s rules on what is wrong and what is right is no different than saying my God is better than yours.

    Our bodies are temples – we only get one. And for me, the best way to worship mine is to listen to the only voice that matters: me.

    (hope this helps)

  3. Food. And not necessarily recipes. What do you eat. What’s acceptable. Lunch meat?? Turkey sausage?? I try and do stuff without additives or nitrates but sometimes for simplicity and what a 3 year old will eat I go with what works and I am lucky she eats most things. I can’t seem to find lunch meat with out some sort of starch in it. Either Corn or Potato starch. What makes a good fat protein ratio. I can limit the carbs thats not a biggie. I just get into the is this too much fat?? Too much protein?? Can you really eat to much bacon?? I would say no. While I would love a tiny, skinny model body it’s not realistic and honestly I just wnat to fit into my jeans I wore prepregnancy or about 15 pounds ago. Your website cracks me up and I love it that you are a KC/JOCO girl. I have a family member that used to work at the hospital in Joplin and she can’t believe it was destroyed.

    • I like it…this is giving me a few ideas about a Q&A section. Let me know if any more “Qs” come to mind. JOCO fo’ life! Town Center Plaza whaat?

      • Love me some Town Center Plaza. Except I get there maybe once every few years as I live in Texas now. I miss me some OPKS!!

      • Also what if we don’t CrossFit. I have a treadmill at home, some free weights. I do all of my fitness at home or walk/jog the neighborhood. I just want to be firmer and smaller. Not have mass gains or max lifts.

      • I know you are a KS girl and went to a KS school. You have mentioned you were in a sorority. May I ask which one?

      • Of course you may! Chi Omega, Lambda chapter at the University of Jayhawk. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Me Too!! I knew I liked you!! I’m from the Kappa Alpha Chapter at K-State.

  4. I would like to see something like a history about what Paleo eating and lifestyle are all about. What the foundation of this “new” idea is. Why the exercises that are recommended are more natural then what people would do at at gym class.

    • Hmmm, I love this idea…but it may be for a second edition. While I love the Paleo-approved short, intense exercise/lifting heavy things, I believe that’s only about 5% of the equation behind nutrition (80%) and sleep (15%). And, of course, being awesome, which would be the other 99% ๐Ÿ™‚

      I am CF Level 1 certified, but I am still a novice in my understanding of foundational exercise physiology. This is a topic I hope to understand more in the future, so thanks for the suggestion/kick in the pants!

      • Hey, at least we (and by we I mean you) know what “we” want for the second edition! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. This page on Primal Blueprint was my big revelation, and I keep referring back to it:

    So much common sense, and I love that sleep, reading, sunshine and avoiding danger is part of it. It’s holistic, to use a much over-used word. It’s all I need to know, really.

  6. For me, eating this primal diet has made a huge difference in how function mentally. I think it’s important to emphasise that it’s not just about being physically lean and healthy, or minimising the risks of the diseases of society. The most drastic difference is how I feel about food and how food makes me feel. My food anxiety has gone. I don’t have voices in my head fighting over whether or not to eat the cake that my co-worker brought in (though they usually fought over whether or not to have a second slice, if I’m honest). Of course the fallout of eating cake, however much, was always worse than the build up to it. The feelings of guilt, failure, anxiety, and fear would be overwhelming. I felt like I had no control over myself. These feelings were inevitably accompanied by swings from depression over my expanding middle bits and then highs of deciding to ‘pull myself together once and for all’ and then more depression when I’d inevitably eat three slices of cake the next day and a pack of gummy bears in the car on the way home from work.
    I started eating the primal way because it seemed logical and the more I read about it the more logical it seemed. My motivation for the first month or so was weight loss. And I lost. A lot. I’ve stuck with it because the voices that used to fight and argue over how much cake to eat don’t fight anymore. I’m in control. I can look at cake with no desire to eat it. To me, cake and bread don’t even look like food any more. I have all the free will in the world to eat cake (there’s always plenty around the office) but there is no uncontrollable need to eat it.
    On the other hand (sorry this post is so long, but I’m flowing now), when I eat really good food it makes me feel really good. I feel nourished. I had had a particularly stressful work day and I was fasting through breakfast. So, stress on top of some hunger made me feel a bit rubbish (I’m usually fine fasting but it probably wasn’t a good day for it). For lunch I had an amazing salad of sprouting beetroot and broccoli and watercress with awesome smoked wild salmon. After I ate it, I felt calm. I felt like my body was getting all the nutrients it needed and my stress levels went down to almost nothing. I doubt this would have been the outcome if I’d eaten 2 slices of cake instead.
    I guess what Iโ€™m trying to get at is that once these food anxiety issues werenโ€™t issues anymore a lot my anxiety/self-esteem/general neuroses/ability to parallel park under pressure improved so much that I canโ€™t imagine eating grains and processed foods again. Oh, and I look awesome now that Iโ€™ve lost 10lbs. ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Hey girl-

    If you want to talk about some seminar ideas shoot me an email. I’m happy to spend a few minutes on the phone sharing my experiences with you.

    Diane ๐Ÿ™‚

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