10 Things to Wrap in Bacon

I had a really, really tough day yesterday. I spent the day wrapping stuff in bacon and eating it. To top off my awful existence, it was 75 degrees outside and I was working from home. From the patio.

How do I live like this? Sometimes even I don’t know.

I thought my readers (hey mom! Hey gramma! Hey Leslie Knope!) might enjoy my most recent post for Steve’s Original. Click: 10 Things to Wrap in Bacon.



9 Comments to “10 Things to Wrap in Bacon”

  1. OMG, yummy.

  2. Life is good!!

  3. You’re my daily dose of humor. If you make a trip to beautiful Colorado, let me know. I’d love to meet you!

    Wrapping veggies in bacon sounds kinda gross to me because I don’t like them but man, wrap shrimp or scallops in bacon? That’s awesome!

    Wait, I’ve got a good one, wrap the end of the bacon – the really fatty juicy part – in bacon!

  4. Bacon makes EVERYTHING better. I just might have to try the brussels in bacon as I love to roast them with a little crumbled bacon. Sorry you had a rough day!!

  5. I’m a dork! Sounds like you had REAL ROUGH day!! Not!!

  6. I made bacon-wrapped asparagus last weekend—sooooooo good.

  7. When the going gets tough, the tough get . . . BACON1

  8. I have the same job as Leslie Knope. 🙂 in fact our department just got a new passenger van…and named her Leslie.

  9. I must try the pineapples wrapped in bacon. That, I never really even though of doing!

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