I try not to let whole weeks lapse between posts, but this week – actually, this entire summer – is so full of Things That Are Awesome that I may have to slow down the blog pace a bit. But I pledge to you, reader, that – although the post frequency may decrease – I will make each and every post as spectacularly underwhelming as the last. You deserve nothing less than my full commitment to mediocrity.

If you’ve picked up the party line lately (or if you’ve unwittingly opened up your Twitter feed to me) you may have gotten wind of the fact that I was at the NorthEast Regionals for the CrossFit games this weekend with my Steve’s Original/PaleoKits family. If you don’t know CrossFit and you haven’t had the chance to watch their highest-level athletes perform, you’re missing out on the most spectacular displays of athleticism you’ll ever witness. Period.

I mean, heck – I’ve been throwing kegs around since college. I ribbon dance in my backyard. I draw the line at spending four hours at a time running, however, because it would impair my ability to watch a constant stream of reality television.

But I’ll drop everything – yes, I will turn off The Real Housewives of New Jersey mid-table flip – to watch the elite athletes of CrossFit snatch, deadlift, double-under and muscle-up. I’ve never seen that level of prowess across so many athletic disciplines before. And these folks have day jobs. So many CrossFit women (like Lindsey Smith, who is both a CrossFit Games athlete, a wife, and a mom with a day job) inspire me with their expressions of strength, fearlessness, and grit.


All images from the CrossFit Games facebook page. "Like" for 2011 games updates.

CrossFit is also doing its part to free countless reams of Lycra from a life of constant gym-based abuse with its culture of tiny workout clothes. Even though I will never stop stealing my husband’s gym shorts, I fully support a woman’s right to work out in tassles and a g-string as long as she’s proving that women should be lifting heavy weights on a regular basis. (Anything under five pounds are to be paperweights or doorstops. Unless you’re Fitness Lonnie.)

So in keeping with the raw displays of sheer guts I saw all weekend – from palms torn on the pull-up bar to folks collapsing across the finish line – I sustained a few injuries of my own. Not on the field of play, however. Which isn’t embarrassing at all.

First off, I stubbed my toesie on the chair in my hotel room. Hard. Still not sure whether it’s broken, but it bruised up something awful cute. Actually, every time I look at it I see a little swollen Jabba the Hutt.

Do you see it?

Next, I realized yesterday morning that my vocal chords have suffered some insult from all the cheering manic screaming I did for our affiliate team. As my early-morning Starbucks run is usually the first time I speak on a given day, I wasn’t aware beforehand that the words “iced coffee” would end up coming out like they did. It was a cross between Gollum and the noises a balloon makes when you let little streams of air shriek out the blow-up hole. Unfortunately for my husband, despite my vocal insufficiencies, he still hasn’t been able to get a word in edgewise.

It’s all right. I’m still riding high from the most amazing thing that’s happened to me in awhile (definitely since my wedding, possibly even since Spanxx were invented). My affiliate team walked onto the field of competition wearing CAVE GIRL EATS TANK TOPS. Yes, even the dudes broke the CrossFit Code of Shirtless Men and rocked my women’s racerbacks. It. Was. Awesome. Best surprise ever.

I love the CrossFit family. I was also able to force tanks upon some of my favorite people – photo left, Lisbeth of the inspiring CrossFit Lisbeth site; photo right, Liz of CrossFit A.C.T; and photo below, Kara and Lindsay of CrossFit Tribe. (Free Cave Girl Eats tank to the first person to tell me how pretty I am when I’m sunburned.)

I’m just so grateful for all the extraordinary things that have unfolded over the last year. So many amazing people have come into my life as a result of the small part I play in this community – from dear friends Bill and Hayley to the Paleo Parents, with whom I have a Farmageddon date this week. Thanks for reading my blog, thanks for supporting me and connecting with me in all the ways you have, and thanks for being awesome people.

Next week, I promise to return to the food stuff. *winky emoticon.*


18 Responses to “Champion.”

  1. You are a beauty when sunburned!! Hopefully it doesn’t hurt as bad as your toesie.

    Love your blog!!


  2. pretty pretty…. sunburn!!!!

  3. Okay, but where do I get one of those HOT tank tops? MUST HAVE!

    • I may have to figure out some kind of ordering setup…But I want to keep costs down, so I need to research this! Most of the T-shirts you can get through outside, blog-linked companies are so ridiculously expensive. I would make fun of anybody who paid $28 for a Cave Girl Eats top 😉

  4. How fun! I couldn’t go to our regionals because they were on Memorial Day weekend but I cheered my little heart out from home! So glad you got to go! You look rad, my love!

  5. I want a tank top!! You make me laugh, ( and cry when I see your pinkie).

  6. umm…I NEED a tank top, I will make Bill wear one too! (okay maybe not) hope your little star wars toe gets better soon 😦

  7. oh my! *blushes* i’m so flattered you posted our pic — favorite back atcha! take care of that toesie; it looks angry! maybe tape it to its neighbor? or just have cave husband massage it with our beloved healing balm, coconut oil. that’ll fix…something! 😉

  8. HA! You’re funny. This post made my day–I missed being a spectator at NE Regionals because 1. I was supposed to give a talk that got canceled, 2. I’m lame and didn’t want to go by myself (I train at home by my lonesome). Love your pics! I need me one of them shirts!

  9. Shirt, pleez!

  10. oh, yeah, beautiful when sunkissed!

  11. Those are pretty cool tanks. You should hit me up via email — I own a print shop and one of our areas of expertise is doing short run stuff REALLY cheap for people who don’t want to order 100 at a time. I’m sure we could work something out. Plus, I’m a primal/paleo freak myself, so why not help the scene out?

  12. Hmm, well you could always just take our shirt orders via comment or e-mail. That would work for the ten of us here, but once people see our bitchin’ shirts, you’ll be inundated 😉

    Do you have any leftover from the Regionals? I’ll take one tank top, medium, just tell me the cost (and mailing it to Namibia) and I’ll paypal you and send my address — and a photo of your shirt in Namibia! How can you resist?


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