The Ripple Effect (A-K-A: BIG PROJECT!)

Today I hop a flight to Los Angeles for the 2011 CrossFit Games. Come to the Paleo Kits tent and see me! I’ll be the one making awkward conversation (“Are you on MySpace?” “I do my best thinking in the Port-a-John. What about you?”)

Seriously, stop by. I can promise that the disappointment you’ll feel at my spectacular ability to underwhelm will be off-set by a good Coconut Paleo Kit. And I’ll totes autograph your bra strap.

I’ve written about CrossFit before. I love CrossFit. I have aspirations to be a complete and utter Olympic Lifting, kipping, sandbagging, muscle-upping hottie. As soon as I figure out how to achieve that whilst “couching” (the new-new owling/planking, which means exactly what it sounds like), you’ll surely see me in the winner’s circle at the CrossFit Games.

Alas, this whole “Real Food Revolution” has left me pretty convinced that you can’t fool Nature.

I’ve been thinking about the “Ripple Effect” lately. It started with a rough day – the military pulled the proverbial Rug out from under me, demanding a shift in a very tight schedule. I was so ticked. Not only did this change affect me, it affected the people I’d scheduled to watch house, dog, plants (as if they’d survive under my supervision), etc. Bad ripple effect, but certainly one to be aware of. While The Machine can leave us hanging, we need to be ethical in how we manage the resulting last-minute changes  so as to keep that negative ripple from going farther. Make sense? Vague enough?

Back to CrossFit and a positive manifestation of the “Ripple Effect.” The way CrossFit itself reaches beyond the impact it makes on the individual. Most CrossFitters have inspired others to begin working out differently than they every knew they could – that’s what convinced me to begin. It’s what catalyzed my journey to eliminate self-judgment, respect myself and my body, and to represent my values with my actions.

I have to say, I would never have married the Super Hot Love of My Life Cave Husband had I not rounded up that self-respect and taken the reins of my own life.

At the very least, CrossFit (and other disciplines it incorporates – Kettlebell work, Olympic Weightlifting, Powerlifting, etc.) has encouraged women to get off the elliptical, ditch the adductor machine and start building some flipping STRENGTH, so that when we’re all eighty-six, we can lift that bag of cat litter. So Mr. Meow can maintain some DIGNITY. (Coach Rut’s analogy.)

Digniteh? What Digniteh? (image via

I also believe this “Ripple Effect” idea has implications for the direction of public policy. Many of us advocate topsoil-building responsible farming, local foodways, and taking our business to small producers whose first concern is ethics and not money. We blog about it, facebook about it, and hammer our families over the head with it. This is going to shift the collective consciousness, slowly but surely.

There is an entire world of folks who would never compromise their integrity for profit. Unlike most large-scale food producers, they’ll let you in their front door and proudly show you what they’re all about. I love to support my local producers, and I want to support these small, passionate businesses as well. Many of them serve the entire country with their product, which means you can’t visit them directly. So for those of you who may not have the chance, I’m going to meet these people for you so you can, in good conscience, support their businesses as well. See? Ripple Effect!

So here’s a teaser for the first “Food Integrity” post I have coming up. I had the amazing opportunity to drive into the Pennsylvania countryside and visit the team behind Zukay Live Foods this week. I love fermented foods, but many of the best pro-biotic options are dairy-based (yogurt and kefir). Zukay is all about veggies, so the dairy-free can enjoy these too.

Scott, the owner, is unbelievably passionate and possesses all the integrity you’d hope to find in the person supplying your daily nourishment. And he’ll tell you whatever you’d like to know about his history with food (much like Robb Wolf’s near-disastrous foray into a meat-free lifestyle, Scott experienced his own epiphany that brought him to ancestral nutrition). He’ll tell you all this while offering up the contents of his Rolodex – so you can make more connections across the Real Food Universe.

Oh, and before all that, he’ll take you out to lunch. To a place that serves “The Best Bacon You’ll Ever Have.” Convinced? (winky emoticon.)

Then he and Erin, a Zukay employee, will sit on the picnic table outside the shop and talk food some more while you survey the gorgeous, green countryside.

It was a great day.

I hope that, with this series (which will appear at Steve’s Original as well) I’ll be able to start a little “ripple effect” of my own. I don’t mean to start “selling out” to anybody – I get nothing in return for supporting these businesses – but if I can send a few people their way, it would make me very happy. Because they deserve it.

Oh, and if you’re at the CrossFit Games, stop by the Paleo Kits booth and ask me for some Zukay coupons! I’ll hook you up.

Sorry for the long post today. Next one will be short. I’ll make it a Haiku.


13 Comments to “The Ripple Effect (A-K-A: BIG PROJECT!)”

  1. “Sorry for the long post today. Next one will be short. I’ll make it a Haiku.”

    Don’t be sorry! Your readers love it when you write. The longer the post the better! I already found where in Philly they have it for sale (Zukay dressing): Whole Foods! I will make sure that I get the Tomato Pepper Pesto Dressing! Sounds delicious!


  2. Those salad dressing look great!

  3. Crossfit and Real Food Nutrition filters down into so much of my daily life,my kids lives, and hopefully the lives of others around me.

    It can be something as simple as properly lifting a heavy box so I don’t get hurt, or instilling the notion that strong women are beautiful when my daughter watched me do pullups, or looking at an overwhelmingly large pile of stuff to do and knowing if I break it down like a WOD, I can do anything. One at a time.

  4. Have fun at the games!
    BTW: Would love to hear some more easy meal ideas..been loving Steve’s jerky dipped in coconut butter for lunch along with some carrot sticks and pepper slices. Oh, and more food pics, love those!

  5. I love, Love, LOVE that you’re checking out these producers of Real Food for us! A big challenge has been tracking down the companies who whole-heartedly believe in what they do and how it affects their customers and their health and wellness. A company’s website can only be construed as partly reliable. The fact that you (you lucky girl, you) get to visit and spread your knowledge makes me super happy 🙂 I can just see the packaging now: Naturally Fermented Sauerkraut….Now Cave Girl(c) approved!

    Have fun at the Games!

  6. Love this post and relate so much to it. For those of us who are blogging, Facebooking and potentially turning off every single person we meet with our intense emotions about the future of food and life in general, it’s nice to be reminded of the “ripple effect” and that our cause is not lost. Thanks so much!

  7. Great post (as always!) The Zukay team is awesome and their products are amazing!

  8. Sorry but I have to brag. The girl who won the games is from my small country of 300k.

    I’m glad to see that this is gaining attention everywhere, it truly is an amazing feat. She btw does not look bad in any way, she’s actually got a very feminine look about her even though she’s probably stronger than most men.

    • That is AWESOME! If you ever run into Annie on the street, please give her about seventeen high-fives for me! She is phenomenal to watch. And her strength only adds to her femininity.

  9. I will buy And I’ll get my local library to buy them, too.

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