Food Freedom is Dead. (Or At Least in V-Fib.)

This one is short because the point is really, disgustingly, glaringly apparent.

First: Cargill, an Agribusiness Giant, has recalled 36 MILLION lbs. of ground turkey due to salmonella contamination. People got sick. Somebody died. Since the turkey “product” is a mass-produced blend of turkey meat from all over the map, it’s necessary to recall it all.

Next: In California, 2 locally-distributing purveyors of raw milk products have been arrested¬†in a state where RAW MILK IS LEGAL. Apparently they’ve violated some obscure, tangential rule about animal boarding. A rule that has nothing to do with the quality of the product. Nobody was sold contaminated food. Nobody got sick.

But if they had, it’d be easy to track the problem food back to the source and begin immediate triage.

Food Freedom is practically dead. Are we really being asked to continue subscribing to this Agribusiness system?

Who’s making the arrests at Cargill? Anybody? Bueller?


12 Responses to “Food Freedom is Dead. (Or At Least in V-Fib.)”

  1. Spot on. Anyone seen “Idiocracy?” We’re on our way…

  2. When you look at the whole picture concerning food safety it is hard not to come to the conclusion that the government and the big agri-corps are trying to get rid of the small family farms. Control the food and you control the people. What if Cargill and Monsanto and the federal government controlled every bit of food grown in this country? Is that not spine chilling? We are well on our way, in my opinion. Since only 16% of the population still lives on farms and ranches, no one else notices or cares.

  3. I heard about the Raw Milk Raid…… pointless. Hey, weren’t there REAL criminals to arrest?? Feels like with all these regulations, not to mention chemicals, food additives, preservatives… the govt is trying to kills us. am I being extreme?

    • You’re not being extreme. I’ll do you one better by suggesting that we’ve been made too fat and sluggish and lulled into a state of food-induced indifference (on average, that is) to revolt, protest and affect change. Nobody’s flooding the streets demanding the right to take care of themselves. Reminds me of Idiocracy (good call, Primal Balance) AND Wall-E. (Is that the movie where all the people are slobby blobs slurping sodas and flying around on motorized hover-rounds?)

  4. I was so excited about potentially moving to Cali next year, too. One of my first thoughts was “Ooh, raw milk is legal in CA.” Stupid government.

  5. i’m on it girl!

  6. I’m relatively new to this movement but since I started eating nothing processed and no sugars, etc., I am off 2 out of three antidepressant meds and stopped taking my lipitor and lost 17 lbs! I’m 61 yrs old, female, and have never felt better. I think you are on to something – control the food and you control the people. Simple concept but oh so scary.

    • That is WONDERFUL…your story is inspiring! Can you imagine how many industries would fail, however, if the world knew that these things could be controlled with diet? Heaven forbid, right?

  7. Smart cave-girls are awesome. Keep up the work, spread the word. Our problem is we spend much of our time preaching to the converted.
    Stay strong, keep reading, eat well.

    • It’s true. I’m so entrenched in a food-savvy community that I’m always shocked that this knowledge and way of living isn’t second nature/common sense/obvious to everyone else. It pains me to sit in polite company and listen to people chat about food – especially people who are pregnant or ill – as I stew, wondering how they can perpetrate such horrible acts upon their bodies while wondering why they’re sick or assuming their diet has nothing to do with the health of their baby. It makes me sad, to say the least. Not that I know everything – but this ONE thing I know can be pretty powerful.


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