And I didn’t even have to take my grundies off.

(To readers of OK! Magazine: Welcome!)

The last few months I’ve been pondering ways to get more attention:

Upload a video to YouTube about Honey Badgers.

Wear a “Veganism Sucks” tee-shirt to Whole Foods.

Stage a photo op wherein I exit a limo but *oops* forgot I wasn’t wearing grundies!

On all points I’ve been too late, too chicken (*pun) or too protective of the lady bits.

Fortunately, I found another, much more legitimate way to make the pages of my sixth favorite source of celebrity gossip. I was recently featured as an “expert” in OK! magazine! Check it:

Lemme just say this: We “Paleos” seem to have an ally at this mag. I meanz, Melissa seemz a little less smarter than Liz if u ask me lolz. I totes think nutrition is more importantz to babeez than worrying about them getting fat lol.

Seriously, though. I am super stoked about the title given my contribution: “Quality Meats are Incredibly Nutritious” simply sounds more conscientious, more intelligent, and more aware of the issue at hand – quality nutrition FOR BABIES – than “Vegetarianism Lowers the Risk of Getting Fat.” Our two points of view were patched together almost as unfortunately as the photoshop job on Bethenny’s head.

Okay, I know that title isn’t exactly representative of what the pro-veg expert actually said. (What she actually said is “plant-based diets lower the risk of being a fattie.” No?) Unfortunately, those who already believe that plant-based diets are the bee’s knees will be happy with her presentation of the “evidence.” In truth, she made a completely false statement assuming the existence of scientific proof of a cause-and-effect relationship between meat-eating and overweight independent of other factors and considerations. This proof DOES NOT EXIST. In my opinion, her ignorance of this fact encapsulates the state of Government-Sponsored Nutrition Education today. And it makes me want to barf up my lentils.

I’m guessing that Melissa’s website is a bit less editorial than mine. But as much as I fear judgment (this fear nearly kept me from providing the quote), I understand that I’ve got to “stand in my power” here. I’m sick of this “Whole Grain” propaganda (So is Dr. Davis). Vegetarianism for babies is an experiment about which we have no sense of the possible consequences, especially as vegetarianism is apt to be applied: full of processed goods, too low in fat, and lacking proper body-building amino acids. It’s too easy to assume that Bethenny will be feeding low-fat milk and cheese with the slant of fat-phobia today.

I’ll conclude with a pictorial ode to the delicious, health-promoting foods I’ve been eating lately; in contrast to my lentil-eating “counterparts,” I’ve got plenty of unprocessed foods: pastured animal products, high-quality eggs and wild-caught fish (meaning lots of healthy cholesterol, an excellent omega 3 to 6 ratio, lots of B12 and highly absorbable iron) and lots of veggies to round out the equation.

I see nothing that needs to be pulverized and baked into a mold not seen in nature (grains); nothing that must be soaked or prepared properly to enhance digestibility or “combined” to craft decent amino acid intake (legumes and beans); and nothing that’s been stripped of its essential nutrients and pasteurized into oblivion (low-fat dairy).


By row, left to right:

Top row: Stewed peppers stuffed with ground beef; hard-boiled eggs with soybean-oil-free mayo from Wilderness Family Naturals; Quail eggs.

Middle row: DelMonico steak from Philly CowShare with sweet potato puree (blended with raw milk cheese fermented with yogurt cultures);  Coriander Lamb Stew with lamb from US Wellness Meats; Salmon salad with chives.

Bottom row: Salmon patties with chive and a dollop of WFN mayo; soft-boiled eggs with sauteed cabbage and grass-fed beef bacon; sausage & vegetable kebabs.


26 Comments to “And I didn’t even have to take my grundies off.”

  1. Way to go Liz! When I hear about parents raising their kids to be vegans, it absolutely frightens me. Mine is just a small story of one family going 95% paleo, but my kids are absolutely thriving since we added more pastured meats into our diet and all but eliminated grains. They concentrate better, they behave better and most importantly their exczema and asthma has been eliminated. KIDS NEED FAT!

  2. The boys LOVE quail eggs. I want to jump through my computer to eat that soft boiled egg, personally. Either way, I’m glad I knew you before you were famous.

    The only way those quotes could have been better is if they’d have included your photos in the magazine. I guarantee you are WAY hotter!

  3. funny that she says the baby’s health comes first… and she’s not even nursing her

    • I do have my suspicions about the validity of that photo, as it looks like Bethenny’s head was photoshopped onto some random neck (haha). As far as nursing, it is possible that there’s breast milk in that bottle…I do remember hearing that Frankel had a c-section, and it’s possible that some of the birth hormones that stimulate lactation were unable to run their course. She may have to bottle-feed, who knows?

      • As a former TV junkie and (current) lactivist, a couple of things here – she did at least start out breastfeeding. Maybe she had supply issues (the baby was born by c-section *and* was 5 weeks premature – was she vegetarian during her pregnancy? Did inadequate nutrition play a role in the baby’s prematurity? One does wonder), but there was definitely an episode where they go into her pantry and there are multiple tins of formula lined up. Not sure how old the baby was then. That is an old photo (at least I hope so, that would be an incredibly underdeveloped 15 month old; she should be holding her own sippy cup by now), and very well could be breast milk. I mean, how confident would you be whipping out a boob if people are always taking your picture? Not everyone can be Miranda Kerr (though I’d like to be…).

    • I was totally thinking the same thing when I saw that picture….makes me think of the vegan couple who gave their baby fruit juice and soy milk instead of breastmilk
      Hopefully she’s not that bad..

  4. Thoughts on the vegetarian Hindu people around the world?

    • I’ve done a bit of reading on this, and my understanding is that ghee and full-fat raw dairy products are/were staples of the traditional Hindu culture, which is commonly identified as the reason traditional hindus embracing this diet in its ideal incarnation are able to thrive (eating a diet high in vegetables and pastured, raw dairy as is idealized in traditional Hindu literature). This is part of the reason why I emphasize that low-fat dairy and fake “cheese” products are simply not sound nutritional investments, and have generally written from the assumption that much of today’s American vegetarian paradigm does not involve full-fat, raw dairy, and often still embraces cholesterol-and-fat-phobia (avoidance of eggs).

  5. yes, very good quote, and not to go militant on anyone – my biggest concern is just WHAT is in that bottle….

  6. Munchkins eating meat makes them fat? Someone forgot to tell my skinny, crazy strong, crazy healthy two year old. I’d tell him, but we worked incredibly hard to end his addiction to wheat so I’m not about to tempt that fate again.

  7. The mayo website is sold out!

  8. Even with those mouth watering pics that you posted it is nearly impossible to convince a vegetarian to try one of those perfect looking meals. It is like a religion to them. Even if you asked the general population what they think it would be a healthier lifestyle I would bet you $1.00 that vegetarianism may be on top of any list vs. other ways of eating. It is a shame that people in general would just hear what big corporations label as healthy vs. doing their own research. Ex.: Ran into a friend at the local CVS pharmacy while looking for Tom’s fluoride free toothpaste. She said to me “we all need fluoride for healthy teeth”. All I could say was “Why do you think that? Do you even know what fluoride is?”.

    Congrats on the magazine post! I hope better information can now come to readers that may decide to see who this Liz person is! And hopefully click on some of the other links to Primal/Paleo and health in general that they may find here! 🙂

  9. I am so proud to have you as my podcast co-host. This is just amazeballs. 🙂 xoxo

  10. Great post! And amazeballs…? Please post recipe. Or discuss concept at length in next podcast.

  11. I really hate the “omg my baby might get fat” fear that we have. There have been countless stories of parents feeding babies lowmfat milk products, when babies need fat grow their brains! And, seriously, if the only thing that can draw you to a veg*an diet are “you may not get fat,” then you seriously need to readjust your priorities. How about “healthy,” or “smart.”

  12. My bro-in-law is 86. No cereals, no dairy. He treadmills 20 minutes three times weekly and scores lower than his two nieces at golf. Yay for CaveGirl!

  13. “if the only thing that can draw you to a veg*an diet are “you may not get fat,” then you seriously need to readjust your priorities.”

    A-MEN Amanda !
    But then, as women we get told that unless we look a certain way (doesn’t matter if we’re not fat or obese) we aren’t as valuable of a person. Western society is amazingly messed up w/re to eating and diet and the blurb from Melissa captures that in a nutshell. Add to that the obsessive super mommy expectations on parents today and you have parents being SURE they’re doing the “right” thing by forcing a baby into being vegan. Grrr…

  14. Absolutely fantastic Liz! I’m so happy for you in your success and also happy for the potential millions that will benefit from your OK! mag article!

  15. Side note, but mayo is very easy to make! I use two pastured egg yolks at room temp and add grape seed or olive oil a few drops at a time while whisking until it looks mayo-y (maybe 1/4 to 1/2 a cup?). Little bit of salt and lemon juice. Good to go! Way cheaper and more gratifying that store bought (even high quality) mayo!

    • I do like homemade mayo, but I seriously am OBSESSED with the WFN mayo! They use tahini, coconut oil, paprika…nothing I’ve been able to replicate at home. It’s heaven! Worth that little extra 🙂

  16. I’ve tried to make mayo twice, and it didn’t turn out either time.
    I’d much rather have a great source like this that I can buy.
    Hopefully, they’ll get some stock soon (although I don’t know if they even ship to Canada, have to check).

  17. I hate to admit it, but when my first daughter was born I had every intention of raising her vegetarian. At the time I also believed it was the healthy choice. I was a veg during my pregnancy and while nursing her; she had no meat in her diet until she was two. Not sure if its related or not, but she’s always had really bad teeth, lots of cavities, no matter how well we took care of them…I’m thinking lack of vit D? Now she’s 11 and pretty healthy otherwise and I’m trying to get her to eat more meat and fat!

    Needless to say I’m raising my younger two on a much different diet: lots of meat, good fats, bone broths and limited grains. Since they’re only 3 and 10 months its still to soon to tell about their teeth though, but I’ll be making comparisons when the time comes.

    • Wow Leslie…thanks for sharing your experience and observations with your daughter.

      I know that vegan and vegetarian mothers are doing the best they can and want to care for their babies as much as any other mom, and they choose Veg*ism because they think it’s the healthiest way to eat. Interestingly, there seems to be a fringe of people who are concerned with the “morality” question first, and convince themselves that the “morality” concept MUST lead to “health.” They are too stubborn to acknowledge that their dietary practices may be causing poor health outcomes.

      Now I’m just rambling … 🙂

  18. So, did Bethenny decide that breast milk wasn’t vegan enough? That’s hard core! Or is her vegan diet not allowing her to produce ample breast milk hmm (a sure sign she’s doing something wrong).

    Anyway, she’s really getting the ball rolling on processed foods. Go Bethenny! Adding another depressed, arthritic, jacked up person to our already over-populated world!

    I love your quote Liz! Good job putting some intelligent words out there. I absolutely love your writing by the way. You crack me up!

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