Paleo Comfort Foods.

When I first heard the title of the new Paleo cookbook – Paleo Comfort Foods – I was skeptical. Aren’t comfort foods, by nature, straight out of the Paula Deen playbook? (google “Krispy Kreme Fried Egg Burger” or “Paula Deen Fries a Cheesecake.”)

(…Am I the only one who seeks comfort in the arms of a fried cheesecake?)

I received my cookbook and began judging. And wow, was I wrong.Β Julie and Charles Mayfield’s passion for health and Paleo-friendly cooking is clear.

Paleo Comfort Foods provides something that this “Real Food” community is hungry for. I’ve been restless lately – hoping for recipe-related inspiration but unwilling to go out of my way to seek it. When I opened PCF I immediately marked more than 25 recipes I wanted to try…now.

In the interest of our grocery bill (and the fact that I’m cooking for one), I held back. Kind of.

Eight recipes the first week should do it. (Nine, counting the enchilada sauce.)

One of the first meals I made was enchiladas, using both the PCF filling and sauce recipes. (I used the egg white & cream recipe from The Primal Blueprint Cookbook for the enchiladas themselves, simply because I had no baking soda on hand for PCF’s coconut flour enchiladas.)

PCF particularly excels in its treatment of the flavors of the South and Southwest. (And I’ve been craving them lately.) This dinner was…wow. I devoured three MAJOR enchiladas with a side of PCF-inspired cauliflower “rice” in approximately six seconds. Unfortunately, my husband isn’t here to see my uber-hot Hoarding Hamster face.

Suffice it to say that I enjoyed this dinner.

Items that didn’t stop moving for the camera in the week following my receipt of Paleo Comfort Foods: “Dirty Rice” (involved chicken gizzards…#win), stuffed peppers, and the deliciously simple tomato-orange salad.

Bottom line: I’m flat-out thankful that this movement is full of passionate folks like Charles and Julie Mayfield who are filling that brick-and-mortar cookbook void. Cheers to Paleo Comfort Foods, and I can’t wait to see what’s next.


20 Comments to “Paleo Comfort Foods.”

  1. Hamster Hoarding face=lolz πŸ™‚

  2. I’m leery that paleo comfort foods will trigger food reward brain responses -> hamster cheeks.

  3. I love your meal planning sheet, is there a way to print those out?

  4. I’m totally jacking your weekly meal planner/shopping list πŸ™‚ Just thought you should know.

  5. WOW,,, look at that organization!!! I am inspired πŸ™‚

  6. I’m also “jacking” the meal planning worksheet even if I have to recreate it! awesome organization πŸ™‚ thanks!

  7. do you do carry-out?

  8. Great book indeed. I cooked using the PCF book too this week! I cooked the coconut fish soup on Sunday, and the “dirty rice” today! It wasn’t exactly the same recipe as the original one, I adapted it a bit.

  9. love your meal planning tool…. ordered the book today.. can’t wait!

  10. I do the same type of food planning each week! It makes it so much easier. I just got my copy of Paleo Comfort Foods but can’t try any recipes yet. I’m in the middle of a huge kitchen renovation project. All I have to cook is a hot plate and toaster oven. Lots of burgers and stir frys these days! Thanks for sharing. Those enchiladas look amazeballs!

  11. I love your meal planning tool!

  12. This one is also on my wish list. The Man of the House and i use a similar menu planning/shopping list each week. It’s arranged in the order of the store (We are uber nerds).

  13. The braised short ribs were AMAZING! So were the biscuits and gravy. I love this cookbook!

  14. I love your meal planning sheet, where did you put it together? Excel? I’d love to be able to print out some blanks, I also cook for 1 on a weekly basis so meal planning to avoid wastefulness is essential! xo

  15. I was visiting my mom this weekend who I have been trying to get into Paleo eating. As a Celiac with a fructose intolerance, her diet is already limited and when I initially suggested that she try Paleo for some ongoing symptoms, her first reaction was “but I’ve given up so much already!!!” I directed her to some books and she found Robb’s book particularly helpful, but also got a copy of PCF that I got to check out during my visit. At only point during the weekend, I held the whole, gorgeous thing up and asked her with all that beautiful food, if she still felt like she was giving up too much? And of course, she said ‘No!’ I think the book could have an important place in helping people making the Paleo transition a lot easier for some folks by “paleo-fying” foods and recipes they are use to cooking.

    • It is SO crazy that you say that, Christa, because Diane and I had that EXACT conversation when we recorded our upcoming Balanced Bites podcast this week! πŸ˜‰ It will be up on Wednesday I believe!

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