Life is Complete.

I really, really love Bill and Hayley of The Food Lovers Primal Palate.

As I stated in this post, Bill and Hayley (left) stack up pretty close to myself and Cave Husband (right) in both delightfulness and natural charm.

Husband and I have had the pleasure of getting to know these two over the last six months. I wouldn’t have had the opportunity if not for this Paleo/Primal/Real Food lifestyle, and for everything that brought me to this amazing friendship, I’m eternally grateful.

If the Paleo-sphere is my adopted workplace, these two are the (smarter, more talented, better-looking) colleagues who make me want to go to the office. The ones I actually like to do Happy Hour with, and admit (after a few too many “Happys” in said “Hour”) that I was the one who left unused time on the breakroom microwave.

Seriously, though. I consider these two to be more than simply leaders in this movement. They are dear friends, mentors, and confidantes. Their friendship, their contemplative nature, and their encouragement have brought me more inspiration than I deserve and more opportunity than I can quantify.

In truth, when I first discovered their website I was…jealous. Jealous of their productivity, their creativity and their contribution. But that jealousy turned quickly into admiration when I realized how hard they worked; how much they offered the community; and how passionate, fearless and willing they were to share every good thing they had.

So this Super Twosome created a cookbook – The Food Lovers Make It Paleo. My little family has been waiting with bated breath to receive our review copy (and possibly to take a bite out of the mailman). Really.

Where is it, mom?

So it finally came. It arrived on a diamond sled driven by hundred dollar bills and lolcats. (What I’m trying to say is that there was extreme fanfare going on. Inside my brain.)

I can haz happiness?

The term “cookbook” actually doesn’t do it justice – this is a 450-page masterpiece. I don’t say this simply because Bill and Hayley are my friends; actually, I debated leaving the personal accolades out of this review to prove my objectivity. (But then how was I going to publicly suck up?) So for the moment, pretend I can’t stand the pair. Pretend I love them like a seven-grain bagel or a cup of low-fat milk.

From an unbiased, fair-and-balanced, empirical standpoint: this cookbook is exactly PHENOMENAL.

Let’s start with the pictures. Oh, Lord! The pictures. Puppy angels cry tears of joy at these pictures.

And the recipes. The inspiration shines such that each turn of a page is like a brand new sunrise.

(Am I being obnoxious? Deal with it.)

This book rivals every Food-Network-Luminary-Cookbook I’ve seen. It’s “Paleo,” and the recipes are delicious – but it’s also eye candy. It’s gorgeous. It’s worth well more than its Amazon price. We all know that Food Porn can be a powerful catalyst for lifestyle change – more so than even a list of health benefits or “science talk.” I’m stockpiling orders for holiday gifts (the “Special Occasions” menus prove that Holiday Fare can be delicious and healthy) and to distribute in client “welcome packets” because I know this book will change lives.

This is a cookbook you must give to everyone you know – everyone who needs a little convincing that this way of life is both healthy, delicious, enjoyable, and possible.

And because I think in movie quotes, here are a few that came to mind as I flipped through Make It Paleo:

“Since the invention of the cookbook there have been five cookbooks that were rated the most passionate, the most pure. Make It Paleo left them all behind.”

“You had me at “Make It Paleo.”

Hayley and Bill, thank you for your support; for the waterworks-inducing acknowledgement in your Gratitude section (and for having something so profoundly humble as a section on Gratitude); for sharing this little website as a healthy-living resource; and for being persons of extraordinary integrity. You deserve all the success and happiness in the world.


8 Responses to “Life is Complete.”

  1. whoa. your description makes me want to shelve my cooking anxiety and take this book out for dinner!

    i shall order one right… now!


  2. I so completely agree with you about the adorable twosome and their awesome cookbook! We should totally drop out of our regular lives and join a Paleo commune!

  3. I pre-ordered one– can’t wait for it to arrive!

  4. I’m in for a commune. Especially if B&H and M&H are coming. Little can be cute eating food of the floor together and we can all wax poetically on how to achieve foodee status such as theirs.

    Seriously though, I ditto everything you said, couldn’t have said it better. They are funny, sweet and uber talented. If half of their own personality is in that book it’s going to be phenomenal.

    As soon as the paleo police leave my house for overuse of pseduo-like sugar products I’m all over their pumpkin chiffon pie. Again. Until then, I’m just tapping my pencil on the desk waiting for the mail man to stop hogging my copy!

  5. I already have it on pre-order…I’m desperately waiting for it…

  6. I’ve been going back and forth over how badly I need this cookbook, and then you had to go and get all Princess Bride-y. I’m sold. Ordering today.

  7. I’ve put it on my wish list. Hopefully the elves (or my in-laws) will take a hint and I will see it in my Christmas stocking.


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