Welcome, RobbWolf & ChrisKresser dot-commers!

The illegitimate Paleo Baby of myself (Liz) and Diane – better known as the Balanced Bites Podcast – has inspired much new traffic to my humble corner of the interwebs! Thank you for your awesome emails, questions, and virtual high-fives! And thanks to Robb and Chris for stopping by our humble podcast to talk Digestion (Chris) and the Ancestral Health movement (Robb).

As Diane and I are literally the Screech and Urkel of Paleo, we were totally giddy to talk health from every angle.

If you’re new to Cave Girl Eats, help yourself to some vital stats:

My name is Liz. I’m a Nutritional Therapist at Ancestral Wellness, LLC, where I help folks find nutritional balance through a combination of functional evaluation, nutritional support, and lifestyle triage. More about me here.

That’s “Grown-up Liz.” CGE is more “obnoxious eight-year-old Liz.” (I believe there’s room for both in the blogosphere. Barely.)

I’m also a columnist for Paleo Magazine – I write about Body Care and ways to de-chemicalize your self-care routine. (It’s actually quite easy!) Check out my Body Care page for more.

I love coconut, eggs (sometimes both at the same time) and my favorite movies are M*A*S*H, The Jerk, and The Princess Bride. (Mainly because I can’t decide who gets “ditched” in a game of Date, Ditch or Marry: Elliot Gould, Steve Martin, or Billy Crystal. Halp!)

I’m passionate about Good Food, Good Health, and being Super Cheeky.

Feel free to drop me a line and tell me about YOU!


2 Comments to “Welcome, RobbWolf & ChrisKresser dot-commers!”

  1. Date Elliott Gould, Ditch Billy Crystal, Marry Steve Martin 😉

  2. Nice meeting you and Spencer today. Steve’s place is great. You’re website looks awesome! I love Chris Kresser and Robb Wolf’s stuff. Looking forward to learning more from your site. Have fun at the Weston A. Price Seminar!


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