Weston A. Price. Weston A. Price. You’re probably wondering if I ever stop talking about Weston A. Price.

Look. I have three readers. One is my grandmother. (Hi Gammy!) The other two are spam-bots who leave me awesome comments:

What I’m saying is, I can write about whatever I want. And we may be purchasing a new mattress.

Sos’ you three readers can be sure you know what I’m talking about, here are a few of my word vomits posts on Weston A. Price:

From this blog:

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From my professional website:

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From another professional website, Steve’s Original, where I serve as Nutrition Advisor: (at this point, you can surmise that I either spend more time typing than I do being a normal human being; or I simply plagiarize. A lot.)

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So yeah. I love Weston A. Price. But I don’t love it alone. There are four of us in this Ancestral Health bed: Myself, Weston, and the 2 “P’s” – Paleo and Primal. (So I guess there are, like, several million people in my bed. I may need a shower.)

We’re all targeting our own health and the health of the planet from an ancestral perspective, and together there’s a synergy that’s unfathomable. Collecting the best from each camp is like having a dinner of grass-fed steak wrapped in bacon, topped with crabmeat and a pat of raw butter. YEOWZA!

So I attended the 2012 WAP conference in Dallas last weekend (appropriately entitled “Mythbusters!” and I did a recap today for Steve’s Original – find it here.

A few of the more important tidbits I gleaned from a weekend filled with Science, Braunschweiger and Hero worship:

Science. Braunschweiger. Hero Worship. #Nerdgasm.

1) Vitamin D3 supplementation may be counter-active. I’ll follow the work of MIT researcher Stephanie Seneff, PhD for more on this topic; until then, I may save up for a light box. Also, thanks to Stephanie, I more fully understand the action of sulfur within the body.

Her last lecture, “How Statins Really Work Explains Why They Don’t Really Work,” truly incensed me – to think how many fathers, grandfathers and loved ones are literally dying or losing all quality of life because of Statins absolutely kills me. As Stephanie said (paraphrased), “I would never encourage someone to lower their cholesterol. Cholesterol is doing what it’s doing for a reason.” 

This post from Butter Believer articulates my rage.

2) Arachidonic Acid isn’t the “bad guy” that Barry Sears makes it out to be. Yes, we want to avoid excess Omega 6 from “industrial oils” and processed foods (See Paleo 2.0, scroll to “Excess Linoleic Acid”) but, according to Chris Masterjohn, Arachidonic Acid actually has some really important functions in the body. So enjoy those damn egg yolks and chicken skins, or you’ll answer to my limp fish iron fist.

3) My heroes are actually regular people. I had the privilege of hanging briefly with Chris Masterjohn (most of that time was spent apologizing for a grossly inappropriate Tweet – #Headsmack), eating dinner with a table of Movers & Shakers including Paul Jaminet (to whom I said the word “Awesomest” – #DoubleHeadsmack) and Denise Minger (who, if she noticed my totally awkward, Tourette’s-like “fangirl” behavior, treated me totally normally) and talking the future of the ancestral movement with Kimberly Hartke. It was like introducing Tween Liz to Devon Sawa, Jonathan Taylor Thomas, and the BackStreet Boys all at once. I may have lost control of all bodily functions.

4) New friends are awesome. Laura of AncestralizeMe, a future RD and Paleo-oriented WAP VIP, is definitely too smart and pretty to be hangin’ out with a Hippie Blogger like myself. Despite the disparity in coolness, we became attached at the hip and terrorized that conference quite handily. There are some MAJOR Ancestral Health projects in the works, including a call for Weston Price-oriented athletes! Nicole of Sweet Mesquite Acres and Hannah of Kombucha Kamp were so nice and a pleasure to chat with and learn from. Kombucha project forthcoming!

I’m still getting through all the reviews from the weekend, but I’d love to hear from anyone else who was there! What were your favorite tidbits? Do you see the Weston Price, Paleo and Primal movements merging?


18 Comments to “WAP FTW”

  1. Unfortunately I wasn’t there this year. Although I see your point about these three movements merging. I do that for my own nutrition plan. It’s the only eating plan that makes sense to me. I never stop talking about Dr. Price either.

  2. Your coverage of WAP is really awesome and much appreciated. Off to read/learn more!

  3. Best issue of Teen Beat EVER right there. I think I slept with that one stuffed under my pillow…did I just admit that out loud? C’mon, you put Devon, Rider, JTT and AKeegan in a magazine? Swooooonnn!

    Hopping over to read your recap now for Steve’s Original!

  4. Best. Weekend. Ever.

    At least until AHS next year. Then shit’s gon’ get CRAY CRAY! 😛

  5. I’m not a spambot or your grandma!
    Loved your post over at Steve’s Original, and I’m even more excited that WAP is gaining the momentum with the population it really really deserves. I’m trying to pass this along to my clients and informative posts like yours and continued research goes a long way in helping me. Many thanks!

  6. I think WAP and primal/paleo intersect beautifully. When I was vegetarian, I couldn’t even begin to grasp what WAP was saying. When I started my paleo journey, it almost felt natural when WAP stuff started popping up on my radar to take a look and to start learning more and I finally went ahead and purchased Nourishing Traditions (for bone broths and fermenting and crispy nuts). Honestly, both schools of thought are looking for optimal health and healing in a way that goes counter to mainstream thought.

  7. We were THIS CLOSE to meeting. argh. I could not find a picture of you so I did not even know how to find you. Post more pics and next time we can hang out too!
    great post!

  8. I’m still pretty new to this I started doing low carb after watching Fat Head and Reading Gary Taubes’ “Why We Get Fat” Low carb eventually lead me to both the Paleo/Primal/WAPF philosophies on nutrition and health. Aside from the the fact that low carb allows limited artifical sweeteners I think all of these approaches have some major nutritional themes that link them at the hip. The idea that natural dietary fat & cholesterol are healthy. Sugar & Refined foods are evil. Obesity is not a result of a weak willed person.

    From all my reading I’ve been trying to follow a WAPF style diet while avoiding grains. I think this is very close to The Primal Blue Print… our numbers are growing!

  9. Hi Liz,
    I enjoyed your wrap-up of the conference on the Balanced Bites podcast – and your post. I went last year and learned so much. I love the Weston Price Foundation and credit it to helping me heal my son, and started blogging because of that experience. The WAP type diet is great for my kids though for myself I seem to be transitioning to a more paleo type diet. I think there is much both movements can learn from each other and hope that together we can reach more people in desperate need for this kind of knowledge.

    I’m enjoying your blog and your approach from both these angles. Also loving your back to nature body care tips. I’ve been weaning out many of my super natural products for coconut oil and jojoba oil for my hair and skin and just ordered the Green Pasture cream you mentioned on the podcast. I think it would be a great all-purpose “boo-boo” cream for my kids.

    Hope to meet you at next year’s conference if you go!

    • So good to “meet” another WAP-er!

      I think of the WAP approach (minus grains) as “Paleo Plus.” I believe that standard “Paleo” (meat, veggies, healthy fats) is a great starting point, but can approach “intervention diet” if you don’t endeavor to add the broths, fermented foods, organ meats and such!

      I hope to meet you in person next year – it’ll be a coast-to-coast journey, but it’s always worth it 🙂

  10. good recap!!! ill never give up my eggs haha no matter what Sears says…

  11. I can’t believe you pulled out the Teen Beat! Really? Devon Sawa was great, but he didn’t have anything on JTT… just sayin…

    I’m just now really starting to get into the meat and potatoes of all of this stuff. I highly appreciate all of the info that you make available to nerdy lurkers like me. I’m hoping that as I learn more, I can do more to make a difference here in my community. Thank you for being the inspiration that you are!

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