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Cave Girl here. This blog is my labor of love, and will be read by two people. (Hi mom! Hi Justin Bieber!)

About me – I’m a board-certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (Find me at Ancestral Wellness LLC). I love a wonderful Cave Man who also serves in the US military. I am committed to becoming a better Cave Girl with every Primal recipe I attempt, every day I eat “clean,” and every step I trek in my funny minimalist shoes.

This blog is not a “Manifesto,” but a narrative. I am constantly learning and seeking, and I’m willing to adopt new views as wisdom guides me. There’s an exceedingly small chance that I’ve been wrong once or twice. (Don’t tell the CaveHusband I said so.)

I want to be a one-woman proving ground. I want everyone to know it’s possible, it’s easy, it’s FUN, it’s best to eat and live with a whole-foods, traditional-diet perspective (my personal take on “Paleo” and “Primal”). Our bodies are designed to be healthy and vibrant when we fuel ourselves right. Eating locally-raised meats and locally-grown goods makes life even better. This isn’t hippie-ism. It’s science. It’s endocrinology. It’s biology. It’s BEAUTIFUL. It’s what I’ve observed to be revolutionary in my own life, as well as the lives of others.

Reading Nutrition and Physical Degeneration by Weston A. Price solidified my belief that “traditional” diets provide – historically and currently – the raw materials for healthy living. “Traditional” diets varied greatly from one corner of the globe to another – but they all relied on locally produced foods free of refined sugar, flour, and heavy processing. In general, the healthiest folks consumed a diet heavy in animal products from wildlife that ate and lived in harmony with their environment. These are values we can emulate today.

In short? Eat food as it occurs in nature. Eat meat and fat (yes, FAT!) from pasture-raised animal sources; enjoy cold-pressed plant fats from avocados, olives and coconut; use plenty of herbs & spices; eat lots of veggies. Variety is key. Lift heavy things and engage in quick, intense bursts of exercise a few times each week. Sleep. Be full, happy, and well. Simple.

Examples of the Science that proves food is not just fuel, but a powerful tool for fighting the problems plaguing modern medicine? Researchers at my beloved Alma Mater found garlic, sage, cinnamon, cloves, and oregano kill E. coli. Additional research found oregano to be more effective against Giardia than prescribed drugs. Animals fed a pasture-based diet suffer none of the chronic problems of animals fed an unnatural grain-based diet. Type-2 Diabetes is a “lifestyle disease” which used to be referred to as “Adult-onset diabetes” but we’ve stuffed our children so full of development-devastating “Fiber Added” Pop-Tarts that they now suffer from it. Even autoimmune disease, ADD, digestive conditions, and MS are linked to autoimmunity caused by gut irritation from the ADA’s beloved grains (gluten) – foods that would be inedible without sprouting, soaking, and/or heavy cooking and processing to disable potent anti-nutrients (and hardly anybody does that). In short, these foods should not make up the base of our personal Food Pyramid if we want to be our best selves.

Living “Primal” is all about gratitude – loving and appreciating the amazing foods that are provided for us on this incredible planet. The foods that are proven to keep us balanced and healthy. These are the foods we evolved with and the foods valued by traditional cultures who are unwaveringly healthy. We can show our profound gratitude for these provisions by doing our best to support planet-healing sustainable agriculture and local farmers. Eat Wild is a terrific resource.

The purpose of this blog is twofold: It is a vehicle for the distribution of my and my Caveman’s brilliant ideas to the greater world-family; and – wait…I suppose the purpose of this blog is onefold.

I love my two readers, and if I can share my joy about living Primal with even one of them, I’m a happy Cave Girl.


29 Comments to “About ME”

  1. Hey Liz,

    It’s megan, from high school. I saw Ashley’s facebook status, and decided to check it out! Great blog! i really respect what you’re doing here. My fiance and I however, are vegetarians. We eat as much locally grown vegetables as we can, but still tend to buy frozen Morning Star burgers and fake chicken. We’d like to get away from any manufactured soy products, but need it for the protein and such. Do you have any suggestions? or any Cavegirl vegetarians that can suggest things? 😉

    Also, I thought you’d like this blog… http://www.passionatehomemaking.com/

  2. I came across your blog looking more into the the paleao and primal diet and I LOVE your blog! I don’t necessarily like “diets” but have been noticing that I feel and look so much better when I limit my consumption of grains or don’t eat them at all so I figured I’d change my lifestyle and hope for the best. I definitely like what I’m reading so far! Oh, and I’m also a fellow Army wife, nice to “meet” you 😉


    • Why thank you! In just looking at your blog in the last few minutes, I think you & I may have much in common! For example, I just used the phrase “Heavens to Betsy” today about 4 times! (Love those old school phrases!) Also, that gym looks PHENOMENAL. There’s no better workout than the one you get on the sled. Husband and I are CrossFit L1 trainer certified, which is right up the kettlebell/sled/weight vest alley! That’s so cool that you’re a personal trainer. I see you’re looking at the RD route? I’m getting ready to start the Nutritional Therapy Practitioner program through the NTA, which is really grounded in the whole foods lifestyle! You might like it! It’s the Nutritional Therapy Association, they’re fantastic. And from one military wife to another – you rock, and so does your husband! We’re at McGuire/Ft. Dix/Lakehurst in New Jersey. Love your blog; I’ll be sure to keep up with it!

  3. Just found your twitter and blog today! I can’t tell you how nice it is to see there’s another woman out there blogging, not just about health, but about Primal/Paleo stuff as well. I got into barefoot running a few months back, and that, combined with a few friends who’d lost a lot of weight/gotten much healthier doing Paleo, naturally led me to Primal.

  4. Hey,
    This is a great blog. I’ve only just started primal/paleo and I’ve been struggling to explain it to my detractors as simply and elegantly as you have here (though I haven’t tried writing it down yet). Have you read The Vegetarian Myth by Lierre Keith? I’m only half way through and it’s made me realise that my new paleo lifestyle isn’t just about losing weight and eating better for my body, it’s about ecology and sustainability.
    Many thanks,

  5. Absolutely love the creativity of your blog! The hubby and I are just beginning our journey to be primal and I just started my own blog last week. (It’s not primal-only focused, and not nearly as clever as yours, but I hope it grows into something fantastic someday.) I LOVE your Vibram Twinsies photo – we just bought ours two days ago and took a similar picture that I just posted this week. lol Like others, we struggle to express to family and friends what this is all about. I think I’m hoping that with the blog I might be able to better share what we are learning, as we learn it. If only people would just read it and stop asking me to explain it! lol We are a military family (couple) too, the hubby is prior Navy and Army National Guard and currently active Coast Guard. Thanks to you and CaveHusband for your service! Maybe one day we’ll cross paths. 🙂 Grok on!

    • Thank you Jessica! I love the vibram pic on your blog, and I REALLY love the “baby talk” (or non-baby talk) on your About page!

      My husband did a semester exchange at the coast guard academy, and I think in another life he’d love to be a Coastie. I hope we do cross paths!

    • Hey Jessica,

      The people at Whole9 also have a good post on talking to people about being pale/primal:

      I read your blog it’s great 🙂 My boyfriend bought some 5 fingers last week, (I’ve got to wait until payday to get mine) I think we’ll do a similar photo when I do. How are you finding them? We’re thinking of just doing hiking in them as we live in the city and have to dodge used needles and broken glass if we go for walks near our house. Do you wear them most of the time? My BF wore his to work last Friday (dress down) and everyone called him gorilla feet (he has black KSOs).

      I’ve added your blog to my list of regulars. Take care and have fun!

      • Aleisha – thanks for the compliments and for adding my blog to your regulars! And thanks for the Whole9 blog reference. I will check it it out.

        I don’t know if I can say I’m wearing my vibrams every day yet because I didn’t wear them yesterday but I think I did every day before that since we bought them. Just depends on our activities each day. Don has worn them at work when they PT and between the shoes and his new eating habits, it has generated a lot of interest in the paleo/primal lifestyle among the other Coasties. As for how the shoes are doing, I’ve got a lot of soreness still from Saturday’s walk in the woods. Amazing because it wasn’t a strenuous walk but it certainly worked some new muscles wearing the vibrams. Do you have a blog? I’m such a newbie at this. I didn’t see anything in your message and don’t know where to look. lol

  6. Jessica,
    I don’t have a blog. I’ve thought about it for a while, but haven’t done it yet. I do own a URL and my boyfriend designs websites so I could probably have a pretty cool one. Sadly, I never got farther than installing wordpress. I think it’s a confidence thing – who wants to listen (read) me going blah blah blah about all the stuff I care about? Which is just silly since all I’ve ever wanted to be is a writer. lol.

    I’ll fill in the contact form on your blog and send you my email address. I’ve just ordered my Vibrams. So excited I paid for Saturday delivery!

    Take care!

  7. Hi there! I stumbled on your blog from a friends blog (how many times can I say blog? Blogitty blog blog blog) and I’m trying to journey down the same path as you. I’m just an AF wife trying to make our life a little less processed! Still kind of new to the blog thing (http://rescuelvr.blogspot.com/) but I’m working on it. Thanks for all the great info- looking forward to hearing more!

  8. Hi,

    Sorry to post here, but I’m not sure of the best way to contact you.

    I am doing a paleo and low carb recipe share on my blog, and invite you to participate!

    Here’s the link: http://getfitkatie.blogspot.com/2011/09/lchf-and-primal-blogger-recipe-share.html

  9. HI Liz!
    Love your blog and your podcast with Diane, I would love to email you directly – but I don’t see a contact me button – maybe this is on purpose 🙂

    I am in the bay area – Palo Alto – and teach Paleo/Primal structured workshops for the most part – a lot of fermentation – even an Organ Meat Made Easy workshop – I would love to chat with you to see how we could perhaps turn the world around nutritionally 😉

    I’m also looking into crossfit – I currently do interval body weight workouts, some yoga – trying to get a little stress relief…but I now want to get really super strong too – do you have a recommendation for a crossfit place near me? There are a few but it’s hard to tell which are better than others…the one around the corner from my home is almost always empty – that can’t be good, right?

    Also, love love Chris Kresser’s work – he makes so much sense to me.
    Hope we connect sometime soon,

  10. Did you attend NTA’s program? That’s what I am doing currently! I love it!

  11. Hi, CaveGirl! Spence’s family and mine go WAY back in Johnson, KS 😉 If you’re a Kansas girl, we have that in common, too! I saw something on Sarah’s FB page and came over here to check out the “CaveGirlEats” and I have to say, I LOVE the concept! I have not heard of the Paleo/Primal approach, but it makes total sense! I’ve been saying so for years! Glad to know there’s research behind it and that I have some resources….It will be difficult for me to get away from flour and sugar, but I am a total meat freak, so that won’t be hard…and I don’t like the meat from the grocery store! Who knows what’s been added to THAT!?
    Also, I am very interested in cross fit! Is there an association of trainers site where I can look to see if there are trainers in my area (Manhattan, KS)?
    Just wanted to say hello and that I will try to check out your blog regularly! Thanks! 😉

  12. I am new to the primal/paleo lifestyle but I already love it…it is wonderful when something makes sense and makes you feel so great (in such a short time!) I have been reading and researching for a few weeks now and am a HUGE fan of your delivery and wit. I’ll be coming back to your site and recommending it to everyone else too. I’m a retired Air Force guy so I relaly appreciate what you’ve been able to do even without being able to choose where you live. I was lucky enough to retire in Colorado so living fit is pretty easy out here. Great work…thanks for providing another wonderful outlet for people like me 🙂 I’ll be passing your site around to everyone I know.

    • Thank you so much for reading, and THANK YOU for your service! I hope to one day end up in Colorado…a bit of a pipe dream, but one can hope 🙂

      • Hey Liz! I am a fan of Ken Helgerson, and he steered me towards your blog–Just awesome. Thanks for what you are doing. I am The Founder and Executive Director of The First Twenty. The First Twenty is a non profit organization dedicated to improving the health of the American firefighter. We are about to be the only national fitness and wellness program for firefighters. You can find out more about who we are and our program here: http://www.thefirsttwenty.org. I wanted to see if you would be interested in helping us develop our nutrition material for firefighters (all 1.1 million of us). Feel free to email me at (email removed for security purposes) with any thoughts. Thanks again for what you are doing Liz!

      • Hi David! I will email you right away. What a great opportunity! (I removed your email from this comment so you don’t get any troll spam!)

    • Ken, have I thanked you for your comment yet? THANK YOU! I’m getting in touch with David W. today…

  13. Just taking in the good vibes from the postings and the email correspondence. Group hug! 😉 Liz I will give you a call….

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