November 8, 2011

Roundup: Great Links & Caption This!

Happy Tuesday, everyone! Likely the worst day of the week, no? Monday Motivation has worn off and all there is to think about is how to effectively procrastinate, bury, and/or ignore upcoming tasks while still sounding legitimate when lamenting how much “work” you have to do.

(Actually, if you’re looking for Monday Motivation to last all week, click over to Balanced Bites. Immediately.)

Luckily my week is short – I’m heading to the Weston A. Price Foundation conference in Dallas over the weekend to learn all about Things. Lots and lots of Things. Unfortunately, a few WAP bloggers have been slightly antagonistic toward “Paleos” in the last few weeks. I ask you – wassap with that? I believe the movements are complementary. Where one fails or flounders, the other fills that space. The Paleo movement understands that grains – whether sprouted or not – are probably not worth the investment and that exercise and natural movement play a key role in long-term health; the WAP Foundation knows fat-soluble vitamins, organ meats, bone broths and fermented foods inside & out (forget the “lean meats” garbage).

I plan on flying my Paleo Freak Flag proudly at the conference. Some of the best and brightest in the Ancestral Health movement (Chris Masterjohn, Denise Minger) are presenting – Let’s all push this superhero-heavy movement forward TOGETHER!

Now, some Great Links

The last few days have been saturated with health-related links that pertain to the AHM (Ancestral Health Movement). Since I don’t like to harass folks too frequently on the CGE Facebook Page, I’ll get some weekly round-ups going. For today:

Mrs. United States Embraces Paleo Lifestyle. Now if somebody could just tell her to EAT THE DAMN EGG YOLK.

California Sues “Biodegradable” Plastics Firms. Do you know the difference between bio-degradable and oxo-degradable?

How to Talk to you Doctor About Nutrition. PrimalMedEd does it again! One of my favorite bloggers.

What Really Causes IBS? Via The Food Lovers: “FODMAPs are getting some major attention from The Wall Street Journal today. In addition to a large article on page d2, there is also an online article and a short video.”

Vitamin Study Flawed? A supplement company publishes a blog defending the “judicious use of supplements.” I tend to agree, actually. Food – especially that from nutrient-depleted soil – may not always be enough to correct long-term nutritional deficiency. It’s a tough balance to strike, but worth some thought.

The Paleo Diet and Kidney Stones. Always a fun topic.

Potatoes Back on the Menu. Thank goodness, since we’re having steak & potatoes tonight.

And, to round out the fun – Caption This!

(My Caption: “What’s the difference?”)

November 2, 2011

Welcome, RobbWolf & ChrisKresser dot-commers!

The illegitimate Paleo Baby of myself (Liz) and Diane – better known as the Balanced Bites Podcast – has inspired much new traffic to my humble corner of the interwebs! Thank you for your awesome emails, questions, and virtual high-fives! And thanks to Robb and Chris for stopping by our humble podcast to talk Digestion (Chris) and the Ancestral Health movement (Robb).

As Diane and I are literally the Screech and Urkel of Paleo, we were totally giddy to talk health from every angle.

If you’re new to Cave Girl Eats, help yourself to some vital stats:

My name is Liz. I’m a Nutritional Therapist at Ancestral Wellness, LLC, where I help folks find nutritional balance through a combination of functional evaluation, nutritional support, and lifestyle triage. More about me here.

That’s “Grown-up Liz.” CGE is more “obnoxious eight-year-old Liz.” (I believe there’s room for both in the blogosphere. Barely.)

I’m also a columnist for Paleo Magazine – I write about Body Care and ways to de-chemicalize your self-care routine. (It’s actually quite easy!) Check out my Body Care page for more.

I love coconut, eggs (sometimes both at the same time) and my favorite movies are M*A*S*H, The Jerk, and The Princess Bride. (Mainly because I can’t decide who gets “ditched” in a game of Date, Ditch or Marry: Elliot Gould, Steve Martin, or Billy Crystal. Halp!)

I’m passionate about Good Food, Good Health, and being Super Cheeky.

Feel free to drop me a line and tell me about YOU!

November 1, 2011

What I’ve Learned From Snooki.

I was haunted by something terrible all weekend.

Consider the convergence of these three factors:

One: I’m a relatively new transplant to “Jerzee,” thus the “Jerzee” pop-culture phenomenon is perversely fascinating to me;
Two: Yesterday was Halloween, which means pumpkins EVERYWHERE;
Three: The vast majority of our trick-or-treaters are likely old enough to both a) own an iPhone and b) go directly from trick-or-treating to the BYOB strip club.

Combine my Jerzaphilia, the pumpkin assault, and the glittery, cleavage-y trick-or-treaters and I could think of only one thing: Mizz Snooki “Jersey Shore” Guidette-Pumpkin-Polizzi. (I think at least two of those words are actually part of her legal name.)

I’m actually formulating alternate names as we speak. Currently I like Punki, Snookin, and Bumpkin.

(Get it?)

I know, it’s not the most productive place to park my thoughts – but when at least nine out of ten trick-or-treaters over the age of 17 (a surprising proportion of trick-or-treaters appear to be of voting age – the horror) are dressed somewhere on the Snooki – Kardashian spectrum, you just have to go with it. Plus, Pumpkins are Paleo, right?

Seriously though. You couldn’t think of 2 people who made more lemonade out of the lemons they were given than Snooki and Kim K. (that may be a bad reference…wait for it): One of them got punched in the face by a DUDE, and the other made her debut into proper society as a micturation target (yup…bad reference). Yet both have been phenomenally successful in their own right.

At this point, I’ve totally lost my train of thought. I told you all that to tell you that I wrote for Steve’s Original today – I was able to exorcise the Punki Bumpkin Snooki obsession by taking inspiration from her oh-so-profound journey. So without further word vomit, I give you:

Success (Or, What We Can Learn From Snooki)

(click to view!)

October 24, 2011

It’s not just physical.

It’s really fun to read studies that tell us what we already kinda knew:

Grains ain’t so great.

The Princess Bride is the greatest movie of all time. (Okay, no study needed for that one.)

You should try to sleep at night, and work during the day (NOT the other way around).

Look, I’m all for being aware of the realities behind the trade-offs we make as we engage in that ever-complicated dance with such disregulating entities as grain-free desserts, toxic fumes, bacon, artificial lights, shift work, and Tracy Anderson diet “gurus” who have grown out of touch with us simple common-folk.

What I’m saying is…we definitely shouldn’t kid ourselves. Not everything we do – by choice or of necessity – is going to put a point in the “healthier” column.

Sometimes we have a delicious grain-free dessert (stay tuned…I have THE most delicious grain-free cookies on the way this week {*for shame* [bite me]}).

Sometimes we do a hot yoga class and spend an hour breathing in the toxic fumes of a ranking member of the Senate Stank Committee.

Sometimes we eat bacon work the night shift.

So are we “doomed?” Are we “wrong?” Are we – gasp! – screwed?

No. Because, as I’ve learned from one of my greatest heroes – my father, who has worked a rotating schedule of nights, twilights, breaking dawns, and other crazy hours reminiscent of Teen Vampire Fiction for about a quarter century (and who is healthy, hilarious, appreciative of the rewards of hard work, and enthusiastic about his job) – the mental game is of utmost importance.

You can be pretty damn informed about how food, sleep, exercise, and life should work. You can tell people that if they don’t have their ducks in a row, they’re setting themselves up for dis-ease. (sorr-ys! too badz, lol!)

But if you focus too heavily on the physiological minutiae at the expense of everything else that makes us human, you not only risk creating a state of emotional stress that exacerbates a perceived nutritional or lifestyle deficiency (a deficiency that may not even register on the physiological scale until you get all panty-bunched about it); but you elbow out that less tangible element of even greater importance: the Mind.

Not the mortal mind. Not the brain. Not the synapses or the myelin sheaths or the reward centers. The spiritual mind. The meditative existence. The metaphysical. That’s not a religious concept. It’s just an acknowledgement that who we are is something greater than the sum of our mitochondria.

One can be healthy despite an occasional grain-free dessert, or even a daily scoche of bacon, coffee, or shift work** as long as the importance of metaphysical health – the health of the mind, the strength of the self-concept, and the power of Thought – is not forgotten. Just because somebody says you’re screwed doesn’t mean you are.

Have I used sufficient italics?

The bottom line is, we all do the best we can; and operating in the spirit of integrity – whatever the reality – does not carry a penalty so severe as an insurmountable obstacle to physical health. That’s not pie-in-the-sky. That’s straight-up empirical observation, beeeatch.

**Notice I do NOT say “everything in moderation” or any other such ridiculosity. A Twinkie, an all-night Twilight marathon, a dose of Vital Wheat Gluten, or a hit of crack or “dead foods” now and then is simply ridiculous and unnecessary, and I feel the difference I highlight between the spirit of ignorance versus the spirit of integrity is obvious.

October 20, 2011

GOOD NUTRITION (in 100 words or less!)

A little something I came up with for the folks at Steve’s Original!

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