Roundup: Great Links & Caption This!

Happy Tuesday, everyone! Likely the worst day of the week, no? Monday Motivation has worn off and all there is to think about is how to effectively procrastinate, bury, and/or ignore upcoming tasks while still sounding legitimate when lamenting how much “work” you have to do.

(Actually, if you’re looking for Monday Motivation to last all week, click over to Balanced Bites. Immediately.)

Luckily my week is short – I’m heading to the Weston A. Price Foundation conference in Dallas over the weekend to learn all about Things. Lots and lots of Things. Unfortunately, a few WAP bloggers have been slightly antagonistic toward “Paleos” in the last few weeks. I ask you – wassap with that? I believe the movements are complementary. Where one fails or flounders, the other fills that space. The Paleo movement understands that grains – whether sprouted or not – are probably not worth the investment and that exercise and natural movement play a key role in long-term health; the WAP Foundation knows fat-soluble vitamins, organ meats, bone broths and fermented foods inside & out (forget the “lean meats” garbage).

I plan on flying my Paleo Freak Flag proudly at the conference. Some of the best and brightest in the Ancestral Health movement (Chris Masterjohn, Denise Minger) are presenting – Let’s all push this superhero-heavy movement forward TOGETHER!

Now, some Great Links

The last few days have been saturated with health-related links that pertain to the AHM (Ancestral Health Movement). Since I don’t like to harass folks too frequently on the CGE Facebook Page, I’ll get some weekly round-ups going. For today:

Mrs. United States Embraces Paleo Lifestyle. Now if somebody could just tell her to EAT THE DAMN EGG YOLK.

California Sues “Biodegradable” Plastics Firms. Do you know the difference between bio-degradable and oxo-degradable?

How to Talk to you Doctor About Nutrition. PrimalMedEd does it again! One of my favorite bloggers.

What Really Causes IBS? Via The Food Lovers: “FODMAPs are getting some major attention from The Wall Street Journal today. In addition to a large article on page d2, there is also an online article and a short video.”

Vitamin Study Flawed? A supplement company publishes a blog defending the “judicious use of supplements.” I tend to agree, actually. Food – especially that from nutrient-depleted soil – may not always be enough to correct long-term nutritional deficiency. It’s a tough balance to strike, but worth some thought.

The Paleo Diet and Kidney Stones. Always a fun topic.

Potatoes Back on the Menu. Thank goodness, since we’re having steak & potatoes tonight.

And, to round out the fun – Caption This!

(My Caption: “What’s the difference?”)


8 Comments to “Roundup: Great Links & Caption This!”

  1. One of these things is not like the others… oh wait… yes it is.

  2. And, by the way, I love that you advocate for a combo of paleo & WAP… you are so right when you say that’s where the “magic” happens! Can’t wait to hear what you learn from the conference.

  3. Thank you for the mention. In spite of the fact that we spell “favourite” differently we still have loads in common. A bit like WAPF and Paleo 😉

  4. In the Mrs. USA post I think she does eat the yolks…

    “Typically I have three meals. Breakfast is egg whites with two full eggs sunny side or prepared somehow.”

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